Mechanimal - anim challenge

Hello all,
Here is my entry for the animation challenge #37 - Mechanimal.
I did all of the sound effects except music and burp.

Ha, that’s awesome!!!

Loved it! Great how he looks like he’s going to vommit, but then a claw comes out.

Really good one.


Thanks Cuby.

Hehe, that’s great fun. Have you seen Sago’s “Man in Man”?

Thanks, I have seen Sago’s Man in Man it is really good work. I didn’t realize until afterwards the similarities. It wasn’t an inspiration for this clip but perhaps subliminaly it was.

Lol, that was good. Funny twist there. I really like the ear twitching when the claw pops out.

It just feels too similar to Sago’s work Man in Man. Otherwise pretty good animation, but could be more smooth in between the transitions to different movements (walking to stopping to turning to “clawing”).

Your anim skills are getting better though, keep going!