Mechanostrider (WoW Metall Riding Bird)

Here’s my latest WIP. A Mechanostrider from the game wow. I think (not sure) that the materials are just placeholders. That depends on how bored I get of UV-mapping in the end.


Here’s the image! Please Comment!

Small update:

Looks good. Good design.

Maybe a seat is needed?

There is no seat in the game o_O


omg… you guys really have to think that this is uggly!

Some simple rules:
If I post something in WIP, I want comments on it. So if there is more than a hundred people looked at this, why doesn’t they write what they think? (You guys maybe not think at all?)
If I didn’t want comments on the work I post in the WIP section, then I wouldn’t post it! If I think that I doesn’t need any comments, then I make it finished and post it in the Finished Projects.

To give a one line answer takes about 1 ½ minute. So please take that time and post it. It’s pritty damn wierd that more people get good comments on things that look aweful (or comments at all) than I get on this.

Please Comment
<-- Thease words means what they are saying, not the opposite!

It depends on your goal. Is the game a source of inspiration or do you want to be as faithful as possible to this creature ?
Because personnaly I’ve never played to that game so I just don’t know what it looks like. In that case if you want some crits on the modelling, post a ref picture.
So what can I say, talking about the textures ? They are just placeholders as you say.
Talking about … what ? Lightning ?

Well the modelling looks good this is not ugly, but give more informations on what you want to do and your ref.


Thanks! That’s a good comment!

First of all… here’s my reference:

I want to make a copy of that bird but not exactly a copy (sounds diffuse ehy?) I want to give it my own tuch, but still ramain as much as the original as possible. The comment I need is most about the modelling, things that are good/bad and things that I could do better.

Is that some good info?

Yeah that’s good info :slight_smile:

The global shape sounds good to me but i think that the legs are too big compared to the screenshot you’ve posted.
But your model looks good.

it looks pretty good. I’m interested though, what does it do? How does it attack or do what ever job it does? And what is the horn looking thing?

it’s not a horn, it’s a neck!

very nice. i like how much detail you have in there. i play WoW and id say its pretty close. i like the angular nature of the joints. i take it your not going to animate this little guy though?

Not much left to do now! Next time you see it, it will be in Finished Works!

Someone asked for a seat and you said there isn’t one in the source image. I’d disagree. See the cyan area on top of the bird body? The one between the tail pipes and the upper air grill? I think that to be a seat. In your image I find that area to be too short and too angled. It seems very horizontal in the source image and the flat part seems as long as the tickness of the side joints.

I also find your head to be much too small compared to the reference.

Recognised it immediately, prolly to much WoW :slight_smile:

Im not sure, but I reckon the body is a little too small in proportion to the legs… though the legs youve done are ‘chunkier’ then a the ref picture, so that may be the reason for it :slight_smile:

Only crit I can really say :slight_smile:

Oh, and I wouldnt be too quick to put it in finished projects, as youre still using your placeholder textures? :o