There you go, nothing much to say…


i think it would look cool if you had a green hemi or spot light shining up from underneath to make the lighting a bit more dynamic.

OMG. it’s a mechanical roadrunner. Meep meep! dash

Way cool, I like the textures. Be great to see it in a scene.

thats pretty cool man :smiley:
love the texturing

Very cool idea and modeling. IMHO the pink? texture for the joints could be better.

Edit – A texture that blends more with the colour of the rest of the model.

Very good work though. :smiley:


this is awesome lol love the model and textures :slight_smile:

Great concept and very well modelled. Textures are good, but sonix made a good point.

The jaggies make it look aweful aswell. Is that from post-pro and compression, or is that from the render?


lucidMonkey: Thanks, but I think I like the lightning as it is

speckles: Yea, I will try to make a scene to it later

Dwarfose: Thanks!

sonix: Thanks, I will take a look at the textures

Ultra X: Thanks

BgDM: Thanks [Same as I said to sonix]. The jaggies is from the post-pro. I’m going to fix that aswell!

Thanks for your comment, all of you!

Made me think of the old game Joust (for which there really needs to be an updated 3D version with the cool look you’ve got here!) Sweet work! (Don’t think the legs will work with that suspension system, but it looks good, anyway! :slight_smile: )

Here’s a little update:

Much better mate. Nice composition too. :smiley:

Well done.


I liked the second image, the lighting was cooler, but thats just me :slight_smile:

I’m of the other opinion :wink:

The first image has great light & materials, the second has worse but has nicer composition!


Then I’ll have to combine the two pictures right?

Thanks for your replies guys!

Yeh I’ma have to go with saying the first picture’s materials and lighting was far better. More of a dirty look while the second one looks plastic and a bit simple. Nice modeling though !

Is that from World of Warcraft?

You may bet your as on that one :wink:

Thats cool, all I can say is, the textures make it :).

OK now… This is the final-final picture (I think)
I think it’s all there. If it aint, please tell me!

Good night.

Just a small bump to those who missed the picture