Mechina: Rhino

I decided to stop modeling cars start doing something different that . So here’s what I got: Robot Rhino!!!
Its cool, Its new, and it loves destroying buildings, crushing pop cans, and playing led zeppelin on fender guitars. I made a quick sketch that I am using as the main reference photo:
And here’s what I have modeled after an hour:
I plan on rigging it and making an animation of it destroying something. Why destrucion you ask. Well I could have eat some grass in a field somewhere in Africa, but then I wouldn’t be making a mechanical rhino, would I?
Anyways tell me what you think.

Looks cool, maybe to make it look even cooler, you should make its armour of scales, like plates overlapping each other.

I know. Actually that’s what I got, Just the scales are really large. You’ll be able to see some machinery in it when I get to that point.

It looks like a series of domes right now, and, though I can see the rough shape, there’s not a lot for me to critique. I think you put it up a bit early. Still though, it’s a cool idea, and I’ll be watching for it.

I added the main components of the head and horns:

I now need to add such details as the eyes, ears, nostrils and begin work on the legs.

Hmmmmm… Looking more defined. I need another angle to say for sure, but I think the back leg looks a little funny.

It is a little miss shaped. I need to look at some more reference photos… apparently the rear end is not the most favorite thing photographers like to photograph:

Looks really good so far.

“apparently the rear end is not the most favorite thing photographers like to photograph:”

Google image search begs to differ.

XP Low jokes aside, the leg looks like it needs to be a tiny bit thicker along the <-- --> front to back way. Also, the rump looks a little peaked and thin, we’re talking muscle here.

One more update. Eyes nostrils and ears are done:

It looks like one of those creatures of Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

intersting concept, and seems to be coming together quite well. i would reduce the size of the plates a bit more, or at least keep them as plates, rather than tubes in some places. ie, seperate the leg plates into at least to, and seperate the tail/back plate, and make the tail out of a lot of plates.

thats that i would do neway:)