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This is my first attempt at modelling a mech its suposed to be an Urzeil (i think thats what its called) from mechwarrior 4. Its UV textured, and i just wanted any comments you have.

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Ok, link things like

(with http://)

And remember you can edit yiour post (rather than reposting :slight_smile:

Cool image, good scenario, good texturing too, but legs look frail, feet are very low poly, and reflection is too ‘added’ I mean, too bright :slight_smile:


(Idgas) #3

Yea looks cool but reflection is a little bright. And the character texture has black spots looks kida off. The scene looks tilted and the bot doesn’t look like its on the ground. Might be the reflection is a little off. I like the body of the bot. Good work

(blenderage) #4

Heres the updated one (oh by theway how do you make an image appear in a post)

I took away the back wall so the it shows up better, I didnt put any sharpening on so there’s no black dots got rid of the reflection because it doesnt really fit in with the metal floor. The mech is dead level with the ground but i agree it does look like like its hovering a bit. Thanks for the feedback.

(Idgas) #5

I cant seem to get to the link

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same here. i keep getting those page errors like when the page isn’t there or the link is bad. and by the way, s68, i can’t seem to access your website either. if i try to go to it the page just seems to load forever and doesn’t actually load if you know what i mean. same thing for blender3d too. i know i have the addresses right but…

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same thing here…

(shibbydude) #8

me too…

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Strange, from here I can access it…


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hmm it appears that my site is dead… oh well you win some you lose some… does anyone know where you can just get free web space just for FTP?

(Ecks) #11 50meg for free!!! Thanks alot adam acasto! :smiley:

(shibbydude) #12

Yeah, Adam Casto is my hero! HTTP, FTP, and PHP. Nice.