Media size for TV production

Hello all, Need advice … what to expect in final production. I have completed my animation project and my very first 3D work experience using blender. And because this is my VERY first 3D production it comes to a point for a 30 minutes animation it consumed HEAPS of disk space. I would like to know what will be the normal media type to send/show demo and finally broadcast (eventually) at TV station (our local broadcast TV station is using PAL system). Curious, how did the pro send their 3D production to TV station? Thanks in advance.

i think you should ask the TV station, about whats their spec. :slight_smile:

I worked once in swedish television. I think they used regular quicktime .mov files.

You should definitely ask the station what format they prefer. Different stations use different standards (a Japanese production studio once sent me their work on BetaCam tapes… four lumps the size of a laptop each!). Add to that extreme differences in practices between countries, not to mention continents (Europe and US even use different frame rates).

Ask the station, and do it before you start rendering, to avoid regrets. And maybe send them a brief format demo to see if they can work with it (if they okay you after that and your format turns out wrong, they have some responsibility, too!)

Bigbad, “mov” you mean MPEG compression -right?. Cognis/Felix, this morning I checked with the tv channel they asked for BetaCam and I supposed in your case four lumps are for one series or for all the series(in one season)? Are there any web site tute to convert 3D/PC to BetaCam conversion ? I almost forgot about my manners. Thank you for your info.

I think they want you to have the video transfered onto a tape.
As far as how to do that, i;m not sure. You may have to goto some kind of video place and have it transfered to tape from a digital source, like DVD or from a raw file… mpeg or something. I;m not positive how to do that, but that’s the best info i could find on Google. I have no experience, so take that into account :stuck_out_tongue: