Medical Animation

This is a medical animation simulation I created firstly out of curiosity and secondly to demonstrate my new-found technical ability to do so on open-source software, for a friend of mine. Dr Anton loved the first few rough renders I sent him and then asked if I could do a 90 second version.

I had never done a 90 second animation.
I have an early 2013 Macbook Pro (that’s a GT650M) so I tend to keep things short and manageable at low res and low quality, but what the heck, I thought. the safety of harbours does not make for great captains. Yeah I can do this.
In the real-world I am a professional photographer so I know the limitations of working with light, whether because of budget or physical rigging limitations.
In Blender, none of these limitations exist!
Physics also can be bent to your will. In this case I was able to suspend these 1kg chunks of particles in the air with gravity turned off, then start and stop a fan with enough power to blow those chunks at 40m/s. Just starting and stopping the fan in this way would be impossible in the real world…

I wanted to do something more interesting with his logo than fade it or zoom it in a video editor.

But every good project must also come to an end.
Doctor Anton sourced a voice-over, I made some noises in Garageband, and then put it all together.
I’ll explain more about how I created it.
[Blender 2.8.3. Medical animation - Aortic Compliance / The Windkessel effect]
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