Medical Tourism- Potential with Kerala

Medical tourism is a service sector that carried many misnomers in early years. The arena is clubbing a serious event with a leisure activity, so there are also chances for wrong notions. Medical treatment is the serious step and tourism is the relaxed affair, but when the combined industry is now considered, the affair cannot be neglected as an easy job. In Medical tourism Kerala is moving on with official healthcare tourism initiatives in order to expose the traditional treatments of the land to medical tourists.

The potential of information technology is well utilized for the growth and spread of the sector and in all medical treatments like Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Cancer treatment etc. When the average growth of global tourism is only 5 percent Indian medical tourism sector grows in a rapid pace; almost 30 percent growth every year. The success relies in India’s capacity to retain the growth. Kerala sustains a good service record even when entered much later in the industry.

The traditional qualities of the state are seen in every step of growth in medical tourism. The medical professionals working in the world class quality hospitals have mostly acquired their basic degree from the state itself. In overseas the medical experts and nursing staffs coming out from Kerala Colleges have great demand. :rolleyes: