Medieval buildings modeling

Hello everyone,

I have strategy/city-building game project which is currently available on browser, Android and iOS versions are planned.
The current version is kind of a proof of concept for the coding part so we didn’t attach much importance to the graphics and ergonomy.
As it was well received by players, we are working for few months on the next version with a whole new interface which will be using a fullscreen html5 display (3D scene to 2D isometric view for now and 3D in near future) and that will not be limited to french.

So we need someone who can make a medieval town consisting in 14 lowpoly medieval buildings (forge, barracks, market, etc) and the ground. If possible, we would like some animation with working villagers, smoke, fire. I’d love to make some meshes but I have no skill in texturing and lighting.
We are not particularly attached to the actual graphic style so you are welcome to suggest something different.

You will get a percentage of the capital share, we can also pay but we can’t afford too much for the moment.

If you are interested, send me a pm. If you have any other questions, reply to this thread :wink: