Medieval castle Archviz

As you may probably already know, I have made a version of Spøttrup Borg (Spottrup Castle) before.

I would say this one is by far my best attempt.

I can’t get the grass right, though. And that destroys my picture :frowning:

EDIT: Newest image (as of December 8, 2013):

Nice stuff. Medieval castles are my favourite subject.

Really nice. I especially like the brick texture. How did you do that, I cannot see any repeating pattern.

I combined different pictures of the walls from different sides of the castle.
In short: I took a photo from each side of the the castle (which is rectangular).

I did modify one of the wall photos though, in GIMP, because of the light coming from that side.
(ie. desaturate it to balance the color with the other wall. I also used the Clone Tool to get rid of other stuff such as grass in front of it.

I’m thinking about using GIMP to combine them into one gigantic wall-texture to be used elsewhere. It wouldn’t be seamless though, but neither does it have to, unless you are making a gigantic wall model too, without any windows or other stuff.

Updated my image:

Yet another update:

(Need more feedback now!)

Anyone to comment?

looks good so far!
One suggestion ! When stone remains dormant in water for a period of time; moss and all sorts of mold/growth starts to stain whatever is sitting in it. Suggest you add some moss or water stain to the lower half of the stone :slight_smile:

Nice. Maybe a displacement map for the rocks at the bottom? And the grass in the latest one looks quite long and appears to have been squished.

There is already a displacement map on the rocks that make the base of the castle.

Better now?

The shadows cast indicate the light-source to be on the left. However the part all to the left is totally in the shadows :frowning:

LOL, you’re right. I’ll fix it. While I was at it, I also changed some of the grass. It will now look way more realistic for the setting.
Stay tuned!

Now it has been fixed. I am eagerly awaiting response.

very nice!


Here’s a new update. That’s it for today. I’ll post this picture in my Original Post too:

Can’t decide what is more impressive the building or the grass in the foreground.
The shutters look a bit too bright.

Wow awesome!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I changed the shutters as well as other stuff:

Looking really good! When was this built?