Medieval character artists

I am looking for a character artist to work on a couple of new projects. It will be medieval based.

One project will focus on a dutch TV production, the other one will be VR based on location.

Here you can find some projects i worked on :

Some people know me from the golden age artworks on Artstation: this is the genre i work on, It gives an idea what kind of character style i’m looking for.

Here some character reference other artists created for other projects:

I prefer artists with the right set of skills.

  • Working with deadlines,
  • Working with other artists
  • PBR workflow
  • Baking characters

The amount of work depends on your input.

If you are interested, send me your portfolio to robtuytel at I will contact you and discuss the payment + more project info

Wow man!!! that is a dream job! I don’t have the skills yet… especially on Baking characters and texture… but that will be the kind of job I’ll love to have in the future. I really admire your talent and the work you do!

Hello Rob,

i sent you an email.