Medieval corridor set.

Here’s my second gift to the community for the holiday :slight_smile:

This is a fantasy dungeon inspired file. I made this over the summer, got bored of it and abandoned it. It comes with a bunch of meshes you can seamlessly piece together, and make an entire level with in minutes. While I didn’t add much detail before I abandoned it, you can use what I have to make it the way you like.


Wide corridor
Thin Corridor
Secret Passages
Assorted rooms

This is only the beginning of a project, so don’t expect miracles. Note that all of the textures and meshes were created from scrtch by myself, so there are no royalty issues. I also made it very low poly, and I made the textures low rez, so any machine shouldn’t have a problem with them. Feel free to use them in your projects, since that’s why I made it. But if you do use any of it, please drop my name in the credits as Brandon Phoenix. This file comes with a walk through template that includes a mouse script Scabootssca.

New Filehost>

New Corridor set>

I’ll have to upload screens of the new corridor set at another date. It’d still be great if someone would like to host the files.

And some screens:

Verry cool,
Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. Thank you.

Thanks Dim, I’m pretty sure I could use these in a project :slight_smile:

Great work…Can I used this object in my game?

Hey thats very good. You said in my thread you were doing a similar thing.

Say is your work free to use and does it have a creative common license?

If so we are working on a similar project. We can work together if you want. Just send me a private message or by mail to institute at

I’m good at modeling and making realistic textures from real photos but i suck at uv maping.

I’m also a member of the Daggerfall Remake project and we can get you a svn account and share our similar work with yours.

We used to work with these guys here:

One of their downloadable packages DF Workshop WIP (457kb) is the result of that cooperation but we have much more models in the svn that are still incomplete.

If you want to help us this content will be made available for everyone under the creative commons license.

That still stands for my first post. You can use these resouces anyway you want, no restrictions except that you must credit me by Brandon Phoenix

@pOOf/self adhesive: Thanks for the compliments! I appreciate it.

@Johando: as I already said ^

@elander: Thanks for the offer! I appreciate it, but I must decline at the moment. I’m already working on the new Cognitive project, and I have a lot of other stuff occupying my time. I’ll keep it in mind for the future though, thank you again.

Thanks to everyone for their interest.

The best of the best! Always immortality of this project and it impresses. A rate 10/10.

Very cool. Thats all

Hello Dim, could you please make the file available again if its still around? Or if anyone else has a copy. Thanks

Looks very nice Dim
But you could add some vertex colour to suggest light - just some yellow and orange it will be great.
And Your textures look sharp. Please tell me what is the size of these rooms in Blender Units. I think i have problem of texture blurring in my game because i over size everything - say 50x50 blender units is the smallest room -

this is quite an old thread…

yea its old… but good :slight_smile:

This would be perfect for a Diablo like game… or Dungeon siege

could yo please post this to Its a web host that currently is not blocked at school. If you have some spare time that is…

Yes its quite an old thread, thought I’d give it a try anyway you never know :slight_smile:

I’m interested in anything similar as well as I’m trying to build my own dungeon. Its good to see how these things are put together so you can learn. I’ve only just learnt how to do the whole UV texture thing, and running into the most basic problems with simply things like aligning separate rooms perfectly at the corners.

One of my goals is to try and make the meshs of the separate rooms as clean as possible so I can scale things up to quite a large degree and still have good performance.

@all: thank you for the complements.

@nocpu: I’ll try re-upload it if I still have it kicking around.

@Vimal: I left it so that the end-user would add the light they want since it’s simply a template. I’m not sure how large they are in Blender units currently, but you could resize them your self without any problem. The textures themselves are very small (128x128 I think), so I’m not sure how they look sharp.

@spiffyandy: sure, I’ll give that a try. It’d be nice if someone else would host it so it’d stick around for a little while longer.

Hey Dim,

I’ll be glad to host it for you.


Thanks a bundle! Will keep checking back for link!

I have another small corridor set with far better textures that I think I’ll upload for everyone as well. Hopefully by tomorrow.

Dim, thank you very much. It will also be cool to see the new corridor set as well :slight_smile: