Medieval Door Scene

Updated Sept 4th:

All textures are done, ground texture was changed and some vines were added. Now I just need some critics :slight_smile:

Done with Blender Intern with AO and HDRI file plus one light at 12 samples (1 hour and 34 minutes):

and Luxrender with an EXR file only, no lights at 128 samples (58 minutes):

Well, I am back in for some more modeling, started last night. Using blender 2.49a and Luxrender 6rc5. Will keep in touch.

any c and c is welcome, I’ll texture when I am done modelling. Thanks

beginning to look good with stones joints rounded

put something to give an idea on the size of this door !
you know is it 8 feet or 20 feet high ?

what is the thickness of the door - seems to be very thin for a door?

also need more hadwares stuff on the door - bell handle ect

and bigger too i think

and do some texturing would look a lot better

happy blendering

Thanks for the reply, as it is work in progress. I think the door could be thicker also. I will have a ground with some grass and vine on the stones.

Okay here’s an update, this time with blender AO. The planes are for temporary replacements of the ground and walls(they will be full height).Next,
I will work on the door more and add an arch for the top.

as i said more texturing and hardware woudl be nicer

now if you want i can show you a door i did for an old curch that i began long ago

with some hardware and texturing for wood

let me know if you want to see it

keep up the good work

I would appericate to see your textures of the church, that would be great.

i have to find that one yet

so iidi find teh arch door made of stone

pic is not that great but give an idea on it

i still have to lcoate my other door

hope you can see some of the textures for teh stones and wood too!

happy blendering

see pic

hope it gieves some ideas to make details

happy blendering

heres some good reference photos for old wooden doors…

RickyBlender - thanks for the images


Dvandamme - thanks for the link to the website, I use the textures from there a lot.

Okay another update on the door, nothing major. More coming soon. Texturing will be last.

The gap above the door will be fixed and I’ll finish with putting a wall up :slight_smile:

Here’s another update with a wall texture, still working on modeling .

and without:
Both rendered with BI with OA

Any [email protected] is welcome…thanks

how did you do the bricks? is it with the stone script?

nice relief for the joints!

like the texture too
how did you do it

are you going to apply some texture to the door itsefl i mean grey is not really a color for old door !

just one technical detaill normally at the top you have a key stone not 2 stones like that
from a stuctural point of view that’s very weak and dangerous for an arch!
but it’s only a model so not really important!

nice model keep up the good worl

RickyBlender - The stones were made from a script called masonry wizard:

the walls were UV Textured instead of Procedural because I am going to use Luxrender for final render.

Here is a sneak preview of render using Luxrender (excuse the chessy ground pic): hours of rendering using 256 samples)

looking nice

but i think you still need a handle or mayb also a bell to ring!

keep up the good work

Some more door hardware would be nice. And technically you do need a keystone. How are you going to model the vines?

coryalantaylor - thanks for pointing out. More hardware is coming.

Grass and Vines in the works(grass almost done) I had a door knob but I must have forgotton to save my files.

an small update - some grass , door handle, and door texture:

working on the arch next and ground. Thanks for the comments. Rendered with Luxrender 0.6RC5 (1hour and 45 minutes with EXR light probe)

the white stone is too white put some texture on it like marble or else

it looks too perfect !


Thanks Ricky Blender - I have updated the Images above, check it out, let me know…

the door is beginning to be nicely textured

the arch inside intrados is not like an arch more like a triangle

and it looks like a little pinkish at the top of stone arch

is that lighting effect?

the bottom stone is one long stone - may should add some joints in that!

also can you put something else to give idea on dimensions
like a cat or man something top give idea on size

is this a door of 20 feet high or just 8 feet?

are you going to give the stone some texture too!

if you don’t know how to make an arch i can upload a file for it if you want

keep up the good work