Medieval Door

Hello Everybody,

I am new to both the forum and blender, before this fantastic programme I used to sketch my simple houses with Google SketchUp and now I feel like the first time I came to know about the existence of 1:35 wwII models :slight_smile: A new world has just opened its doors.

Ok, this said, I will shortly introduce myself, I am an Italian boy, 19, starting my University undergraduate studies next October at Birkbeck College London, studying History.
For I am actually interested in the Middle Ages, I’ve started to model some medieval buildings, and more precisely, some parts of them. I’ve started with doors. So here my first attempt to make a vault door, I need loads of feedbacks from you guys, on how to better model stones, knockers, even nails and of course how to texture it (Whenever I try to texture my door through UV mapping somehow some parts of the door just go away becoming transparent, but I must assume I’ll come to terms with this matter later on).
So, thanks in advance for your kindness and help,

Keep up the good work,



Hi Manorial, welcome to :slight_smile:

Great first model, really, not much to say about it. Maybe add a bevel on the stones to make the side round off a bit (worn out). I really like the way you went ahead and place them sort of randomly. Adds to realism. Maybe adding a few more lights to make your rendering pop out more. Right now, its very dark.

Keep up the good work, and happy Blending :wink:


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I will add a new light, and the bevel too. The actual aim is to make a sort of a medieval village, but I have time for that. for now I want to focus on modelling realistic shapes :slight_smile:

Added Bevel and another light (attempting to simulate spin torch lighting :smiley: :D)


Bevel looks great :slight_smile: Lighting on the other hand needs work. Here is a great little lighting tutorial from Jonathan Williamson over at blender cookies. Should help out with lighting. As far as your torch, try to look over at blender guru he has some great tutorials about fire, particles and the lighting setups to go along with them :wink:

Keep up the great work and happy blending :wink:

I’m my opinion, I think you need to break it down. For instance, focus on learning how to make one brick look great, and then do all the bricks. Focus on learning how to do the door look great, then we can learn how to do the knocker and the studs.

thanks for the feedback too. HAve you got any suggestions on how to model better bricks? And should I model the entire wall Brick by brick or just add a texture when the work is finished? Thanks :slight_smile:

There are a few tutorials on youtube. Just search Blender brick wall. You should make at least a rough model for each brick. Using a bump map to make a flat surface appear to have many bricks should only be used on game objects. For a higher quality model you will want to use the bump map to add finer detail.

building a wall brick by brick is hard work :smiley: I know because i done it
(just an old project i never got round to finishing; built the wall brick by brick)

you can download a blender addon which can build walls for you complete with windows etc…
but if you do want to build it brick by brick, then make one brick and continue duplicating it. add some variation in spacing and positioning/rotation and it could look pretty good.

ok thanks for your comments, I will definitely take a look on youtube. What I was doing was extruding little parts and then move these in y direction, smoothing the surfaces and eventually adding the bevel modifier. Nice bridge man, how did you do that flat surface behind the bricks? Also I don’t want to overlap faces cause I know it would be a nightmare when it comes to textures

basically what i done was i made an outline of the shape i wanted. Then i made it a little bit thick and placed it where i wanted my bridge/wall to go. I then set about building the wall as a separate object. Then as you build you can place the bricks so that they are just poking out of the cement mesh and leaves you with quite a nice effect.

hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

yes it does. Thanks :slight_smile: I am currently working on a medieval market scene, that’s fun, I’ll post it as soon as I have some nice results :slight_smile: