medieval elf concept sketch

This is a concept sketch I drew to support my work for the Blending Life contest.
Let me tell you that when I was in school, I thought I didn’t have the talent to draw. But now, thanks to Blender and The GIMP, I am able to produce pictures like this. :smiley:

For reference, I drew on a 3D render of a torso without arms and legs plus a book on drawing manga. Then I started filling in the hair, clothing, sword, belt, and shadows.

So this is basically my first drawing ever (the first one I consider a real drawing, the first one that’s slightly above dilletantish scribbling).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Damn, I might actually be able to learn to draw some day. :slight_smile:


Not bad. This concept sketch makes me look forward to seeing it in 3D form later.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is great for learning basic empirical drawing skills, btw.

Agreed. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a great book.

I like the simplicity and direct attempt for the perfect elf hehe go you, is she sexy or what!

is it only me or is there a serious mistake in shoulders???
breasts dont start from shoulders right??

rest is fine…i would love to see it in 3d soon…