Medieval fantasy character - Could use feedback

Been working on this character for about a month (still not quite done) and would appreciate some feedback, specifically for the face since It’s my first time sculpting one, but if you have any criticism for the body/armour that’s cool too.

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I think you have a good thing going here. It needs more personality, and not having everything uniform and quite so skintight.

Maby gave some random details, something that makes it not so perfect.

I also wanna note that normally the corners of the mouth would come out to the center of the eyes, but, just like with the “proper” nose placement, this would also break the appeal of your style choices. Basically I think your problems mostly stem from how low your eyes are on your face, and the fact that you’ve shaved away some crucial fatty (and bony) landmarks.

I appreciate you taking the time to draw that out, it will really help as I’m having a difficult time sculpting the shapes I want without butchering it. Also I originally had the eyes higher but people were complaining saying they were too high and that the eyebrows needed to be at ear level.
I like where their at in your sketch though, so I’ll try lifting them up a bit.

Finally getting back to work on this, making great progress!

that’s a lot better! I still think you’re missing out on some vital planes of the face, but unfortunately i can’t do another draw over this week.

Yeah, I’m not quite done with it yet, but it definitely looks a lot better. And you have no idea how helpful your draw over was, like the notes you put with it and everything helped me substantially.
I’m going to watch a bunch of youtube now and look at more references, maybe even download someone else’s models and break them down to see whats different from mine.

Some people on Polycount suggested I take a look at asaro models and I have to agree, I think they will help me a lot to get all the planes down.

Almost there.

Could you post a side view of the character? Not certain, but looks like the head might needs go forward a little.

I’ll have to pull some full body references and compare, cause I honestly am not 100% sure