Medieval/Fantasy scene

Besides Scifi, I like fantasy as well. Inspired by a scene from fairytale movie I saw some days ago, I started this scene. Many elements have a displacement modifier to look more natural, which is sometimes hard to control.

Any comments welcome. What is missing ? What looks wrong/misplaced/bad modelled ?

Many thanks !

Amazing! So much detail.

are you going to just texture the roof? can i suggest you normal map and bump it? i agree, there is a lot of detail, so all the smooth faces seem a little out of place

XeroShadow: Thanks :slight_smile:
ThorntonStrolia: I will try to use bump mapping whereever possible. But texturing isn’t really a strength of me. The current state isn’t really good. I will present if I’ve reached a state that is worth to discuss about.

Ok, most things are textured now. I assume that
Modelling: 90% (some tweaks to the vine is necessary, maybe small new objects are required (grass/little stones))
Texturing: 75% (window/roof untextured, some dirt for the ground required, reducing texture repeat)
Lighting: 50% (I’m not really sure what I can do, I dont have really much experience in this area)
Post-Proc: 0% (nothing done yet, this is the pure render result)

What do you think ? I’m absolutely not happy with the left side, maybe I add an old stone wall / town wall, a neighboring building oder a better matching image ? Any ideas welcome !

Really well done. Congrats! I’m looking forward to the next renders. :wink:

Very nice modelling and textures. The background image is wrong however. All the horizontal lines (door, windows, etc) if extended left would meet the horizon. So your horizon needs to be about one fifth down from the top. If fact the bottom of the shingle roof and tops of the lower windows are almost horizontal, and are where the horizon should be.

love the vines nice job there I know its a lot of messing with the settings to get a good result. Texturing is great as well. Lighting is good but crazychristina is right the background image is off as far as perspective goes. Maybe consider making some 3d trees with sappling but keep some blue sky back there I like the color combination (could make the vine leaves a bit more orange to accent the blue sky)…maybe use an HDRI image for the sky and make the trees. Also right now your cobble stone street just ends behind the wagon…extend that till its out of the camera view:)

Good luck:P

looks good, feels like there should be a hill on the left side nehind the scene. low poly, simple, just so it doesnt look like the house is floating.

Thanks all for your tips ! I think this next iteration has considered all of them.
Things I plan for the next step:

  • Dirt and pebbles on the ground
  • sky image on the side that is reflected in the windows
  • more bump to the roof
  • tree gobo that blocks the sun in front of the house
  • tree object on the grass
  • the fence continues to the grass hill
  • add some unsharp fx to the background
  • create a night scene of it

What can I do to give the scene some hilight or magic ? It feels a bit boring …
What post processing should I do ? Unsharp / Increase contrast / vignette / what else ? Any tutorials for scenes like this ?
I’ve experimented a little bit with environment lighting, does it look a bit realistic ?
How to increase realism (at all) ?


it looks rly good. i rly like it. maybe shrink the particles a little bit and then add more children, even if its tall grass, maybe shrink it .5… grass is touchy to get good depth. i dont want to come accross OVER crytical or anything, but i think the proportions will help

Whoa, great texturing there!
One thing that seems to clean to me is the roof on the right, maybe try to texture paint some moss onto it, or even use particles for that.
And the Sky in the background seems somewhat to dark, but maybe thats just my monitor :wink:

I checked the image in Photoshop and nearly all the values are in the lower half of the histogram. For non-photographers that means it’s severely underexposed. Your lightest color is mid-grey. You can increase the tonal range (and contrast) in post-processing, or increase the exposure when you render either with brighter lights or use the Exposure setting in the World tab.

To add a touch of interest to the scene perhaps some water, maybe a pale or some spilt on the ground. Or perhaps a hen or some other living thing.

I think this scene could look very interesting at night, main light source being inside the house, with puddles on the Street and some interesting colourful reflections

Very good looking, well done! The scene looks more 18th century-ish than medieval though. To make it look more medieval you may want to remove glazed windows and shutters, and scale down windows a bit… Also, I would add some dirt on the roof!

Thanks for all answers !

@@ThorntonStrolia I’ve reduced the size of the grass, besides that, I’ve added the fence which is scaled down to create the effect it is a bit more away than it is in reallity.

@@blendfile Roof is really textured now. Maybe I add some more dirt in the upper part. I also plan to try a night scene, really nice idea with the puddles on the street !

@@crazychristina Thanks for the tip with the histogram. I’ve absolutely no plan in the area of photography, but I understand what you mean. I will try to increase the contrast / modify the tonal range in post processing, as I only have a slow laptop here, which requires long for every render cycle. Maybe I experiment with other lighting when I’m back home.

@@Manorial Thanks for the tips to date the scene back some centuries :slight_smile: I should invest more time in front of modelling a scene to gather information about a sepcific scenario.

The tree on the left was just a quick experiment, as I plan to unsharp the left part in post processing. Maybe I increase the dirt on the roof too, but I think, besides post processing, the is near the finished scene:

Wow, that looks really great now :slight_smile:
Only thing (as you said) that does not look that good is the tree, but it’ll do for a blurred background.
If you put in a too narrow depht of field though it will look like miniature (and less realistic)
Another suggestion: The cart in the foreground could probably contain something, fruits or so.
But I have no idea what would be actually inside there :smiley:
but there’s also the somewhat quicker solution to just cover half of the cart with some cloth hanging around, then anything could be in there and it’s probably a faster way to ‘fill’ this cart.


@blendfile Thanks for the tip with the wagon and too much dof-fx. I’m a bit too lazy to add really new things to the scene. After over one week of work I like do do someting new :slight_smile:

It seems that this is close or maybe is the result. I’ll only render it in a higher quality in the next hours. Anything in post processing that is really bad ? How can I access the alpha channel when rendering using cycles ? I’ve used the environment channel to blend in the sky texture, but this is not really a clear mask, because I’ve used a sky there.

The upper image is pre, the lower image is post processing:

Use your full dynamic range, photoshop/gimp post or use your scopes in blender. I’ve adjusted this one to show you.

@jaypjohnson I have to admit yours looks better, but is it always a good idea to use the full range ? even in night scenes ?