medieval/future fantasy MMORPG

Hello friends, i am sure when, you read this title, you thought that this was simply going to be another one of those threads made by people with no experience with Belnder and no knowledge of MMO-making. :cool: well think again. think of…

it is the year 3552 in the galactic empire of earth when they discovered the alian caves in the meteorite that they were discovering. these aliens were not your ordinary every-day aliens, these aliens were the epitome of evil and they came out of the meteorite within which they had been trapped for uncountable eoans. then the meteorite exploded all over the earth and the aliens killed almost everyone. then the aliens needed to sleep because they had been trapped in the metoerite for a very long time, and they were weak.
while the aliens slept for 1001 years the earth became full of humans and they had to be like medieval people because they forgot how to make all of the stuff that theu used to have like black-hole-guns. but some of the humans have been rediscovering the technology buried in ancient dungeons guarded by the monsters that were spawned from all of the radioactivate waste. now the aliens are returning to complete their destruction of the earth. so it is the duty of all the races of the earth to fight back by collecting the shards of the really ancient meteorite, to send back the aliens, which are perhaps older still? only time will tell.

This is the map. i am very excited to think that soon i will be able to walk into gamestop and see this on the shelves.

in this game there will be 30 different classes because of the radiation made the humans mutate into elves and dwarves and pwoxolians and also there are halff-breed alians and other creatures.

The pwoxolians are a noble race of half-elf half-aliens mixtures. they have an army of knights called the knights of pwoxolia they are the best class. they have more stats than all the other classes and they get to go to the resricted pwoxolian area that only pwoxolians can go to and there they can persecute people in the pwoxolian city of pwoxodel.
i have made up a language of the pwoxolians it is called pwoxish and i need someone to make a language for every other race.

here is a phrase from pwoxish which means ‘of course i will mary you’:
ab xioshd u qukk pod thad

this is the concept art for female pwoxolians

i will do male pwoxolians later in the design process

i will make up the other races later in the design process


Black-hole gun
the black hole gun is a gun that shoots out black holes and then everything that gets hit by it gets sucked in. if you use this on a city then everything in the city will get sucked in. they are the best gun in the game


this is my most ambitious project to date, so as you can imagine, i will be needing a very big team, at first i cannot pay you, but after we start making money from our subscritpions i will give you some money for helping.

  • 2 concept artists
  • 4 3d artists
  • 1 2d artist
  • 5 coders
  • 1 anti hacking person
  • 2 networkers
  • somebody who can lend us some servers until we can afford to run our own
  • 1 composer
  • catering
  • 10 cutscene actors
  • 10 voice actors
  • 1 photographer
  • 1 historian
  • 1 scientist

i need the historian to make a realistic medieval crafting system, and i need the scientist to add more realistic science crafting systems and i also need a magic system and traps.

as you can see, this project is going to be very big which is why i am looking for sponsors to help me get this great idea for a game off the ground. i am looking in the vicinity of $50,000 to get started, and maybe more later.:smiley:

positions vacant:41
positions filled:20

now those of you more experienced in the game dev game :wink: like i am :cool: may have noticed the distinct lack of any kind of writer, well thats because i am the writer of this game. i have been working on this storyline since a very young age, and i have perfected it very much, I have studied writing at school(primary and secondary) and have recently sent it to a book publisher with promising results.

I have already received word from a lot of people who wanted to join the team, so if you want to join, please just write a replay to this thread rather than pm me.

this is king of pwoxolia singing off, i hope to hear from you soon.

ps. all of you are capable of greatness, so join us as we create the greatest, biggest, most immersive medieval/future MMO RTS FANTASY RPG since runescape.

3d artist, count me in.

there is an impotent development.
alain female design is made and blcack hole gun is also done.

alain female

black hole gun

4 boobs ain’t enough. 6 boobs minimum if you ask me.

Hey man, I can try to help I can make 3d models, texture stuff, animate, extend upon storyline if need, compositoring, etc. I love games and love to be part of creating one. I can also easily design the look of things if need be, i myself have writen a book (not yet published) and like the idea of ur game so far :slight_smile: