Medieval game - wip

Hi, this is very early wip of game, I’m working on. Actually you only can move character around and strike the air :)). Some textures are commercial, some models are from I just want to discover the abilities of Blender game engine with it.
Controlls : arrows - move; mouse - look,hit,block; numpad 0 - jump; left/right bracket - change weapons.
I woud like you to post some oppinions here. 10x

P.S.Sorry after day or two there will be a link.

sorry after a day or two there will be a link.

trust me on this if you don’t have the legal right to post those “commercial” textures then don’t. I don’t know if that is the case or not, just a thought.

Hmm…but, this is not commersial game, i dont have any benefits of it…it’s just a test.
But if you say so…ok I’ll try to find some other textures and replace them.

Infringing on others’ rights doesn’t matter if you are making any money from it. Its fun to watch the professional artisits at other boards just go off when they see it. They just have a hay day with it. But this is stuff you don’t know till you see it happen. I’d just remove your link till you get it fixed up.

xexe:)) ok. 10x, I will, after a day or two I’ll be back;)