Medieval Hack and Slay - Screens

8/5/08 - New Screen, see post 16
8/26/08 - New screens, see post 42. Also, deleted prelim screens on this page, as they did not represent actual game content.
8/28 - New screens. See post 54.
8/31 - New screen. See post 78

Concept: I’d like to create an arena style medieval hack and slay, fps fighting game. I’m more concerned about physics and a realistic world than story line etc. I’d like to have the characters be able to do anything to anyone with anything - ok, that won’t happen, but Half Life 2 “Throw a tv a combine solidier” sort of thing. Many objects with physics, and if possible, things that break. Over people’s heads.Just a big medieval barfight. Not sure about multiple players etc. For now, maybe just Player vs. Computer, or P vs P, if possible. Not over complicated, but complex enough.

I’m not looking for ultra low poly. I don’t care if we use the blender game engine - I’ll model in blender of course. I’d like to go for Oblivion, Half Life 2 realism - just no where near as big. Just the look and feel.

My contribution: All models, and textures. See screens, below. Also see my textures at, and more models etc on Search for “thetexturestore” 1 word. Also, you can limit it to 3d models, etc.

I waste lots of time modeling. I sell some, but I always wanted to make a game.

What I need: Everything else. Rigging, posing, actions, logic, scripts, sound (though I may write some loopable music for it, but I’ll definitely need sound FX)…everything. I know almost nothing about the coding bits.

I can also contribute a website for the game if necessary, with wip screens, objectives completed and yet to do etc. Sort of as a home base.

The screens below are just some samples of the style…if you look at my stuff on Turbosquid, you’ll have a more complete picture of my contribution.

All these screens are my work - screens only, no renders. They are not just examples of other’s work I’d like to emulate. I use the Apricot build. I can reduce the poly count if things are to big. The character of Alex in Half Life 2 is 8000 poly’s though, so I guess I don’t have to go to low. I just don’t want to work on a game that looks like it was done 10 years ago. Properly motivated, I can provide lots of models in a hurry. I have many ready to go. I’d just need recommendations on poly count and texture size etc. based on whatever GE is used.

I’d really like to complete this project, so please only offer to help if you are serious, and can devote some time to it. A good game is created by talented people working in a coordinated manner toward a common goal. That’s what I’d like.

your kind crazy considering half life 2 is not made in blender not even a shader huh …
i can’t believe you want to copy valves idea… there all mega low polygon and the textures are mega high rez what are you on…?physics blender had bullet physics …I don’t know but so far in your images they look more interesting as your own concept then a valve idea.

aaaw actually it depends on youR skill and how you want it to look and it does not take like a month to finish it it took 5-10 years to make half life 2 haha funny that,but hey i wish you the best so far so good dude!keep it up blendertroniam

I can tell you’re really applying yourself, and it looks good. Congratulations. However:

  • Keep in mind that this is not the HL2 engine or the Oblivion engine. The BGE is prone to slowdowns and you’d best tread conservatively or you may find yourself prey to the engine’s limitations. Ambition is good only to a point.
  • Nix the wooden crate. You can read more about crates hereif you don’t believe me. I don’t think crates of that type existed in the middle ages anyway.
  • What’s the poly count on that candlestick? It looks really high, probably higher than it really deserves I’m guessing.
  • Don’t re-use that texture, the one on the side of the bookcases, too often. Also don’t stretch it like on the side of the chair.
  • The orc looks like Yoda. :slight_smile:

Well…a bit harsh. First off, as I said, I don’t care if I use the blender game engine.

Second, everything here is just conceptual. As I said, I’ll need poly count recommendations based on what GE is used. Low poly modeling is quick for me. I can reduce poly counts where I need to.

Third, why, Key Shiroi, do you assume that I have no concept of how long it will take? Also, I’m not trying to recreate the entire damn game from the ground up. Hell no. That would take years, as you pointed out for no reason. In fact, I’m not stealing anything from them. The concept is simply an fps fighting game with physics. I’m game stupid, and I can do limited physics - so I’m not asking for rocket science here. I’ve actually read these forums extensively and most of what I’d like to do can be done, even in blender’s ge. I know these things can be done. People in these forums discuss far more complex things.

Finally - I’m not stealing from Valve. That’s just a crappy thing to say. I’m saying I enjoy the physics of the game. So, every game that uses physics is stealing from valve? Arghhh.

Also, as I said, the clutter image is just concepts. I threw some models together that may work with each other as sort of a thumbnail sketch of a concept. I’m not really asking for detailed critiques of the models. Not that I mind, but keep in mind that I did want to post some images, as it’s really annoying to just read a concept that seems to have no development.

I don’t want people to get the idea that I want to do a big outrageous project, and have no resources or sense of commitment. That’s why I posted the images and links to my work on other sites.

And besides - what if someone did want to do a big game? It happens. And it would take years.

I’ll have to change the way the orc looks - I like Yoda and would prefer not to smash his skull. Although the real Yoda wouldn’t let me.

What game engine are you planning on using? to my knowledge, CS and Irrlicht are the only free game engines really (well, ogre, i guess…), and all require a fair amount of coding. i couldn’t even set up blender2crystal!

However, the models and textures look great! I think you said you didn’t make the textures, but good work on the orc. A lil high poly (specially for a face), but you said you could fix it. If there is like only two of these orc guys tho, it wouldn’t go very slow (I think :P). plus, its first person, so you don’t hafta worry about polys for the main character.

Anyway, nice stuff, keep it up :smiley:

I actually did do all the texturing. I have no idea what GE to use…I’m sort of hoping someone who knows about those things would be interested. I’m not opposed to using the blender ge . I have no idea how many poly’s the various items should have - I’ll need to determine the ge first, and then make a budget for low and high priority items - detailed sword, low detail clutter. The format will be a closed arena, and not a huge one, so I won’t have to have to many lights and props. Just stuff to throw and hack at each other with. So compared to other games, I’ll have pretty low poly counts. I know the big commercial games handle 100,000 polys in a scene, so I figure if I budget 10,000, with some of that being static objects (no physics), I should be ok. As you said, no main character. Although I may want to have the camera behind and above the character. Or 2 options. I know in the blender apricot branch ge there are various enable/ disable functions, so I could remove shadows and extra textures if that was the issue. It also has a texture clamp.

Just exploring the issue for now, looking for people who are interested. I think I may do a little bit of outlining and publish that.

This looks wicked awesome!! I hope you finish it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well either way, what you got here is impressive and I do hope you complete it. I would like to know whether or not your using GLSL.

I do use the apricot branch, glsl. If I use the blender GE, all that will stay, if not, I don’t know how it will translate. I don’t know much about game engines.

Pretty much all other engines are code based, requiring you to know a coding language. I would either suggest Crystal Space or Panda 3D. Crystal Space will be harder to learn, being completely C++, but has a more robust engine, while Panda 3D is Python based and can still achieve great results.

The screens are fantastic, and I recommend you just ignore posts like Key Shiroi’s in the future.

If you do end up using Blender’s GE, everyone who plays will need a very powerful card. As you’ve been told, there are some serious limitations once you start throwing in physics and python(which you will inevitably need) and glsl. At some point in the future, Im sure that Blender will be optimized enough to handle all of that, but till then you really gotta watch your step.

Also, using the new builds with all the fancy glsl and ge options are buggy. They’re getting better, but you’ll definitely end up running into problems with that(Im sure you have already).

At any rate, I can tell you’ve got the ambition to pull this off for sure, but you’ll probably end up cutting a couple of your concepts(as always happens with game development).

However, I really cant wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks for your comments concerning the other poster. I have had some bugs with apricot. As far as the GE is concerned, I don’t really intend to learn one. I don’t have the time. I own my own business, so I can’t really start walking up another mountain of knowledge. I need to be able to contribute what I can already do quickly. I know there will be other things I’ll have to learn, but as far as this project goes, I intend only to serve as a sort of manager and organizer, as well as modeler and texturer. If it has to extend beyond that, well I guess it won’t fly. I’ll need some smart folks with me, and of course I can always count on good advice from this forum.

On the orc head, you should watch your edge flow, its a liite messy. Look up model topology on google. Thats myyonly critique

Looking good! :smiley:

I wish I could help but I am only really good at modelling :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up!

Yea…it’s Make Human based, so not so clean. Just a concept…

I’ve found a python/ game coder who is interested in helping.We will be using the blender GE engine, apricot branch. I’ve got a working outline written, and I’m about to start sketching out the arena. I’m interested to see what he say’s we can and can’t do…

New Screen shot of the arena in progress. It’s big, so here’s a link.

The specularity on the floor of your arena doesn’t look right, it makes the floor look like it’s been waxed. I’d suggest dumping the bump mapping, but that’s just me probably.

that looks AWESOME!

try adding a parallax map to the floors and walls.


That screenshot does look waxed, but I would suggest lowering the specularity.