Medieval House: Updated 10/05/2005, bottom of thread


This is an early wip, but I’ll have to put it up very quickly, deadlines are short! In the end it’ll be a mix of a medieval street and a modern one, this is to illustrate a game project concept.

I welcome the critiques but the deadline are short so I may not have time to take them in account during this wip.




the parapet is good but the cobblestones could use some improvement. i can try making you a tile if you’d like.

Hello! thanks for the comment!

yeah, the cobblestones are too roundish, I’m using a displacement map, so I need to tune it. It’s a personnal project for a school entry contest, so I can’t accept contributions, even if it is very tempting!

In a few hours I’ll post some progression (smaller renders, it takes long now)

Thanks again!


Hello, I’m back with a few pics, sorry for the low resolution, but rendering are getting long with all the displacement maps…

What has happened? well I broke the road in two, added the traffic light with cables, a mud spill, and started the construction of a medieval type of house…
In the pictures with the bridge, the walls are place holders for more detailed buildings.

I’m not at all satisfied with the lighting and the mud thing… the AO takes too long and is too noisy, I’ll have to fix that by using a proper light setup…

Okay, now I need to get back to work…

comments are welcome!


reminds me of a hopper painting somehow… great modelling, though, i am a bit confused as to the road at the bottom, it looks kinda wierd, but overall just a few modifications to it, and it would look pretty sweet.

if you gave better lighting it would be easyer to crit

Hi, yes those pictures were bad… or not as good as I wanted. I did a final render that I was going to post pro, but I didn’t like that final render…

Here’s what I’ve got now:
All the color is done in GIMP:

Alas, I’m out of time…

Oh well %|