Medieval house W.I.P.

just another little project Im working on I dont know how long ill maintain interest in the project but I want to make a whole little town, any way here is my first house almost done I baked the ao and did some of the modeling.


p.s. your comments would be much appreciated.


alright finished with the model now moving on to unwraping and textures:mad:

does any one know of a really good medieval texture site Im not going to make my own textures.


Great detail!! looks very nice :slight_smile:

thanx thats what Im focusing on on this project, detail.

it looks very nice so far :smiley: ill be lookin forwrd for the next updates!

I havent put in the details yet but here is the basic textures mapped on


ug, finally finished with the first house the windows are the only thing with a normal map I didnt think i needed it on any of the other textures because its going to be out side and im not going to have many dynamic lights. im going to be working on a well next. anyway here is the first house.


Looks really good. Keep it up.

You should use normalized ambient occlusion instead of the default one.

sounds fancy what does it do?

well model with ao baked


turn on the normalized option when baking the AO,

I understand that concept but what does it do?

well = done, not completly satisfyed but it works.


Looks awesome!!!

I simply took off the sides, added and subtracted objects from the larger house to make a small one

for some reason when I get close to the small house it significantly drops the frame rate but when I get close to the large house it is vertually uneffected I think it has some thing to do with the textures
also the ao isnt doing any occluding (whatever that means) and I cant figure out why?
…any way just rambling.
Ill have more updates soon


never mind found the problem.


and thank you your comments make me feel I’m working for something. (although I’m really not)

Looks very nice! Might I suggest putting some normal maps to those textures?

I put normal maps on it.