Medieval House

Medieval house Created in blender 2.90.1
Rendered in Cycles Rendering Engine
I love early morning’s Sunlight and Sunset’s. So i had this Scene in my mind to turn into a Medieval Look.
I created Grass completely from scratch for this scene. I like freshness of green grass so i kept it that way to feel fresh.
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The house looks great and the grass as well, I like the sharp contrast.

I am not keen on the smoke and there are some dead leaves on the grass that seem a bit to big.

The general image is very good.

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Hi, Thank you for appreciating my work.
Well, yea getting volumetrics under the proper realism is still kinda bit off the grid.But still it didn’t felt that bad. But i am working on it for next arts if there is any way i can get it near to realism more. Probably post processing.
And about leaves, yes when i rendered the whole scene i felt it too but then i checked few large leaves on google and there were few trees who’s leaves were quite big in size more than a hand. So technically it could be possible so didn’t remove them. Besides, it kinda adds a feeling of surrounding and variety, for example - there might be few different types of trees which are not in Camera shot but got their leaves on ground with wind.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart! :v:

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