Medieval House

(fredstash) #1

I really liked the hand painted house in my last game, so I tried my hand at something more difficult and here it is:

it is 337 faces, but I have not made windows yet

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the views,

(fredstash) #2

Here is one with windows- but now the face count is 946 (Those windows are more faces than the house)

(Nicholas_A) #3

I am really enjoying this art style you are utilizing.

(fredstash) #4

It is definitely a “third person” type of art style though, because it doesn’t stand up to the close scrutiny of a “first person” game.

Thanks for the kind words, I really like the look- and I am trying to perfect it.

(fredstash) #5

What house is complete without a barrel.

basic assets are a lot fast to make than the house.

(sdfgeoff) #6

Looks good. The door texture looks a bit funny though (the green color isn’t quite right)

Beware of too many barrels - in fact, there is a whole website dedicated to measuring the time to when the player first finds a crate:

(Fred/K.S) #7

Are those screenshots directly from the Game Engine?


(fredstash) #8

That is in the game engine. I’m not sure what you mean otherwise though. ^^^^

oh dear… I must already be out of ideas :no: - unless this house is intended to be mid-game

and on the door the green is specular light from the ground- I need to tone it down a bit (I just didn’t notice)

(AudioFreakXD) #9

This section is strictly for video games by the BGE, not modeling!

But to say the least. It looks good.

(fredstash) #10

I was intending on this being part of a game, sorry I was not clear(which after rereading I was not clear), I’m kind of looking for feedback on optimization and such (I was wondering how many polys would be too much)

Idk exactly what I just type, I’m on mobile and it’s difficult to type

(fredstash) #11

here is the welcoming totem for the house- A golden Owl

I’m glad for the BGMC 24 because I learned about reflection maps.

(fredstash) #12

I’m still making more assets:

I don’t like the new house quite as much, but it’s ok.

(APilch) #13

Beware of too many barrels - in fact, there is a whole website dedicated to measuring the time to when the player first finds a crate:
Lol. I’ll have to be aware of this. I like using crates :o

Hi Fredstash,
These are just some of the suggestions I have, and in no way are they necessary.

I didn’t notice you were already using normal maps on the barrel, but that’s my main suggestion. That, and to use AO baked albedo maps for more subtle details. Even low res maps could add a lot and make your buildings more interesting. I also don’t think they will hurt the low poly style you are using, but maybe help it to stand out more.

I did some quick models to show what I mean. I didn’t add any textures, just used the base material. The included maps are 2048 just because that or 4096 is what I use to bake, then shrink them later. These could easily look good on 512- The barrel sides could be just one or two boards and then tiled, and the top/bottom and sides of the window supports and window could be the same texture space. You could probably populate all of the pieces for your buildings on 1024 or 2048 maps, and then mix and match different pieces to make different buildings. This would definitely optimize your game a ton in the long run.

Again, these are just suggestions, but if you are going to load an entire village at once, it might help. The door nob also bugs me a little just because the amount of vertices really contrasts the rest of the scene. You might be able to texture it as a slice of a tree/branch with the rings showing and use just 10 - 12 vertices for the cylinder. You could also make a transparent decal sheet with broken tiles or light wall damage and cracked bricks to add more varied detail.

All in all, your buildings look great and I wouldn’t change anything about their actual design. I think you do that extremely well. They just need more detail to me.

^ Blend file (2.5MB)

(fredstash) #14

Thank you for all of the suggestions; I do have have normal maps on everything (I’m pretty sure). I’ll keep working and trying suggestions.

My intention on this game is to make something similar to my BGMC entry “Demon key” (I’ll post a link later today because I am out of time- school and such)

(fredstash) #15

Here is a pathway I made (hand painting these things is a long process, but I like how they look)

I’m messing with the lighting a bit, and I like the looks I’m getting (update tomorrow on that)

(fredstash) #16

Here is a well

(Fred/K.S) #17

Looks highly detailed keep it up id like to see a gameplay video.


(fredstash) #18

I’ve only used textures up to 1024 X 1024 (and I’m working on a LOD system as I go), right now it is in a design state but I can put something together to showcase it a bit. (I still have some stuff I need to figure out about the story before getting too far into the game).

btw there is 2364 polys right now.

(Fred/K.S) #19

Wow thats good ay man keep it up !!!
Have you also worked on any chars for the game?


(fredstash) #20

Characters are a concern for me- my technical modeling has become better, but my organic modeling is not as good. (also the poly count I gave you earlier was including 12-13 roads instead of 6). I’m going to be busy most of the weekend, so don’t expect any updates until Sunday-Monday