Medieval Japanese Samurai


here are the two models i did inspired by the amazing ghost of tsushima Game
Hope you’ll like.
Feel free to ask anything.


So realistic project !


Really nice and lovely !



these are some great looking samurai! great work! keep it up!

Outstanding job! Congratulations.

outstanding details!!! amazing job! Do you have like instagram or Discord, if you do, please share! Love to follow your work!

Amazing work!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :tada:

Amazing work! I used one of your renders for this haha

samurai sketch

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I was wondering, what the UVs look like, how many parts had tiled textures? and the garments/armor, did they share a single uv map or lots of small uv maps?

what size where these maps? 2k or 4k?

also with the lacing on the metal plates, does the lacing loop through the armor to the rear side or is it just aethetic on top of the armor?

was everything here in blender or also Substance painter or houdini or marmoset? etc etc?

(im asking this so I can learn myself!)

WOW. That is really good.

Hi, thanks for asking.
UVs are all Non overlapping unwraped on UDIM Tiles ( about 5 UDIM per Armor ) All PBR Textured in Substance Painter.
Marvelous designer was used for Cloth modeling.
Lacing are not looping on the back of the armor plates :wink: just on top indeed.
Beside this, all was done in Blender.

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Incredible job, impressive!

could you upload some screenshots of the uvmaps for each piece of arm or the texture map because im interested to see what parts are what.

so with the lacing was it tiled etc? what sizes are the uv maps?

sorry I have a lot of questions.

You make me want to give up 3D, the attention to detail especially on the rope work is phenomenal.

I thought your Space Shuttle work was pretty epic too.

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You can bake diffuse and glossy in a single texture in Blender, so you can carry over the rendering quality to games like Unity :smiley:

It’s PBR fully textured ( Diffuse, metallic, roughness, normal )

Yes, but game engines like Unity do not calculate in the same way as Blender, so it is advisable to bake in Blender (with the textures already added), then you will get a new diffuse.
Standar Diffuse:

new Diffuse Baked in blender

Although substance painter also bakes, it is not as good as Blender does when exporting to games

This is very good!!

Congratulations, this looks very very good! The variety/imperfections of the fabrics are just phenomenal! Although I’m a bit “disappointed” that it wasn’t done 100% in Blender, that doesn’t take away from the end result in any way!

One small detail to note though: on some of the close-ups the scale of the fabric texture on the guys black looks wrong to me (the dark gray fabric with the white geometric “flower” symbols). I’m not a fabric expert, but it looks to me it’s 5-10 times larger than it should be, and that gives the guy a toy-soldier look to me (but just on a few close-ups).

Otherwise, the attention to detail is insane! May I ask how long did the project take for you, and where were your references from?

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