Medieval Low Poly Character

It has about 8,2k Quad Polys. It is rendered in BI.

It is made out of this one, which has 5.6k Quad Polys.

I also made a little walk Cycle animation:
It’s not perfect, especially the clothsim needs to be done better, but its just a little test.

critiques are welcome^^

This is looking decent so far.
Are you planning to use this character in a game?
In case of the walk cycle animation I disagree with you. The clothsim is not toooo bad looking, especially if you note that he is not actually walking forward but on the same spot, it’s the walkcycle itself that needs more work. To me it looks as if he is walking like a board. Yeah… but you said it’s just a little test, so it’s pretty decent for a little test.

  • theAlmightyF

This is really random, but his nipples don’t seem to be in the right place. They should be further apart. :stuck_out_tongue: