Medieval Market Scene

Hello Hello,

Here we go again with the middle ages mania. The aim is to create a Medieval scene, representing the most important place of a little town: the market.
I have started with this little “shop”, any suggestions, critics etc. about modelling and sculpting in particular? I have been using Blender for a couple of weeks so far and learnt the basics of bezier curves yesterday.

Thanks in advance for your kindness, fellow blenderers.



Hi Hotzst,

Thanks for your kind feedback. I have taken a look at your link and must say Im interested in it. How does the CC license thing work though? I’m quite new to these kind of things.

Coming to the market, well I didn’t really follow any historical base, just a few models on the internet… The ideal setting would be the XIV century in England, for I have read a very interesting book by Ian Mortimer named The Time Traveller’s Guide to XIV Century England. The goods sold would be then Apples, some kinds of vegetables and fruit. For now I just added UV spheres and painted them red, while for the vegetables I’ve used bezier curves then painted green.

The Booth was quite simple to do: For the wooden parts I’ve used the default cube scaled in various directions, extruded and linked to the other parts, becoming a simple mesh (thus easy to texture too). The sunshade or whatever you would call it - was basically made with a bezier curve, then extruded many times, in proximity of the axes to give a 3d effect. Then coloured with woven textures. It may be a little too coloured due to the many lamps I have added (Lighting, as well as modelling, still is something Im not good at).

I was thinking about adding a blacksmith and a bakery in the nearabouts, but first on I have to lear how to do so :slight_smile:

Hi Manorial
It would be great if we could combine efforts, as my market and other Game scenes are located in the area of the North- and East-Sea of the 14th century, so we basically have a match there.
As for the CC licenses take look at the Creative Commons homepage and then head over to BlendSwap.
I use these licenses in the following way:

  • CC public domain - This license allows other to use the artwork without any restrictions. I believe especially for small items this is useful, as you do not want to create a scene with shared models and have to list all the licenses.:

  • The model is just a prop and will not be the main focus of any scene

  • Texture images

  • CC-BY-SA - In the sense of OpenSource I expect someone who uses my work to acknowledge this and make his own contributions available along the same lines:

  • Larger models that get published at BlendSwap

  • CC-BY-SA-NC - Sometimes (especially with texture images) there are restrictions, that do not allow commercial use. In the end this is the overall license for all my GameArt, however there are some things that are licensed less strictly and that is noted so.
    When sharing models I find it good practice to append the license deed into the .blend file for more clarity.

I’m not exactly clear on your technique, on how you created the sunshade. I would have done it with cloth softbody and then let the gravity work it out. I personally do not use curves heavily in my models because almost every time they do not work out as expected, but that might just be my lack of experience with these issues.

Yes, i would say id like to help you with your game, seriously. Email me at [email protected] and tell bout the game info and story etc. How does the cloth engine works ? That’s something i didn’t know about. Anyway, if your ideal city is set in the north we should consider woven market too (low countries and England in the real world)!happy to be in it

Little Update: I have added flour, wheat and some sort of yellow vegetables :slight_smile: Just to add realism. One thing. I can’t unwrap the items and texture them better cause every time I select UV mapping the rendered image is showed… any ideas?


from another pros


For cloth physics see this tutorial from Blender Cookie

I wiped up my own version of a market booth (without canopy):

This was done in cycles. The poles look a bit of as I wrapped the texture of the plank around a cylinder.

Thanks for the tutorial.
Anyway, I am experiencing some problems: once I’ve added the cloth soft body modifier, and try to render the image, the render shows the plane (that would be the sun-shade) still (second booth on the right)… any ideas? I have tried to look on the internet but couldn’t find an answer. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I believe the cobbled floor was from here:

thanks for your kind answer! I will check out the things you told me to do. I actually managed to run the animation and make a realistic sunshade but cannot render it :slight_smile: I will now follow those steps. Are there any models you need in particular? Like houses, booths, hovels… etc. ?

I figured it out, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Tip to all the others experiencing this issue (I have seen a big number of them) just hit bake underneath Cloth in the physics section and you will be able to render the image as you see it in the 3d view :slight_smile:

There we go with a new booth added to the scene. I have started to use the cloth modifier so it might take a while before I understand how to use it properly. I shall model some apples and bread now, to make this market a little bit more interesting :slight_smile:


Your shades are looking good.

For the current phase there are only a few topics open:

  • A well, I started on that one yesterday by extracting the model from the Durian project. All I have to do now is to figure out how to texture it with Cycles
  • Two types of ships
  • Composing the complete market scene with all the different models I created
  • Redo the Port scene with the Cycles models
  • A statue: I think I can grab something from BlendSwap and put it on a pedestal.

The one point that is somewhat open is that it would be nice to have a wider variety of the market props like different types of fish, bread, more vegetables (beet and turnip). At a time I was also thinking about a pen of pigs, but I found no good pig models.
If you are interested I could figure out what the models for the next phase are. I guess however it will be some time until I can complete this phase (at least two more month)

Keep up the nice work

I can help modelling other booths, apples, other types of vegetables, fish, and woven… I think these things were likely to be found in an average XIV century market place. Weapons might be sold too, perhaps outside of a blacksmith’s. But, yours the game, yours the rules :slight_smile: I’m happy to help anyway :slight_smile:

And thanks for your feedback on the shades :slight_smile: If it may help I can upload a price list of items in XIV century England,(concerning everything, from bread to battle horses) taken from that book I told you about.

bread and cheese being sold


Raw meat for your lordship


mmh medieval pork (to come)


There we go. I am not good at texturing, any suggestions?