Medieval RPG

Hi, I’m making a RPG game set in the Middle Ages, there will be enemies, traps and puzzles. Here are some screenshoots.

What you see on stage is a provisional model

I tried to model the main character but I couldn’t get it right, is there any volunteer? maybe a beginner who is practicing?


Hey, do you mind if I give it a shot?

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No problem, I’m happy if you want to try.

I forgot to ask what kind of style you were going for, here’s an idea of what I sketched out so far, if this is too high poly I can try changing it.


It’s a good job, on the side I notice some problems. On the chin it is too protruding. the t-shirt at the base should be made tighter. The toes must be all there and the boots if you can make them a little flatter is better.
I send you a base mesh which could be useful for the aspect ratio
PG.fbx (305.1 KB)

Alright, i’ll see what I can do, when you say toes, you mean fingers?

Yes fingers