Medieval RTS - 3D Modeling & Animation Help Wanted

I would like to say first off, I am quite new to Blender and have rather limited programming experience. However, recently I have spent hours and hours watching tutorials about Blender and the free Crytek sdk and believe that with some dedication I could make an RTS of my own. As far as the setting is concerned and general feel and design, I have chosen 7th Century England with a focus toward quite small battles and realistic combat animations. That’s where I’m hoping this thread will come in, I have limited experience with such things and even the smallest amount of help would go a very long way. I have some grasp on creating building models, however people, horses (optional) and I’ll assume future animations are/will prove to be a massive obstacle. If anyone could lend a helping hand it would be greatly appreciated, and if I were to ever make any money, I will gladly spare a proportional share.

Thanks a bunch!
[INDENT=2]-A Struggling yet Optimistic Bloke

Just would like to say I’ll help you as soon as I’m done moving at the end of june. Will chek back as prompt as I can, powlly. :yes:

Gosh, thanks a bunch! Don’t know what else to say, I’m very pleased someone responded! Good luck with that move, I need all the help I can get!

-A Relieved Bloke

What sort of help do you need? I am fairly new to using Blender and feel it would be an good way to develop my overall skills. I can model individual characters, buildings and animals. However I have no experience, as yet, of rendering, animation or rigging but willing to learn.

I’ll help out in whatever way I can!

Just PM me with details, things you need etc, and if I can do them (I’m about an intermediate at modeling, texturing and such) I’ll gladly do them free of charge for you :slight_smile:

I hope this project gets off well, it seems like a great idea.

I feel this is very ambitious, maybe a tad too ambitious, but I’ll gladly help in any way I can.

I am not one who says no to more practice, and if that practice can be of use to someone, excellent!

Best Regards