Medieval 'rts project'

Hi everybody!

Haven’t posted here in ages, mainly because I have no time:no: so I though that it might be a good idea to post some of the assets I’ve made lately - they are all pretty bad, but still.

I am using UDK together with Blender. Basically my plan is to keep on making assets, until the Unrealscript book comes out (you know which one I mean) and then start learning unrealscript by trying to get all these assets in the game.

So here it is (keep in mind that most of these assets are also WIP)

Those are really cool looking, they’re not bad looking like you were kinda saying. I like them. :yes:

Yes, they’re just…perfect!!
Keep blending!

very nice! I love the graphics style! good luck! Also, if you’re using the unreal development kit, that means you’re using unreal engine, correct? If so, it does not belong in the blender game engine forum.

Realy nice models, I wish I knew how to make a rts :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me on this (I’ve made an RTS before) when you model the objects, they have to be very very low poly. You’re look fairly low, but you should try to make them even lower. Because when playing an RTS think of how many of those objects will be on the screen at one time (same goes for units) and the texture size should be no larger than 256x256 for each building. I’d go with 128x128 for the units.

Just some advice, they look good, but they could be lower.

good choice of texture style I really like it and REALLY like the wind mill. try baking ao that always makes it look 10 times more realistic.


edit: how big are those textures any way. I think 128x128 is a bit small but thats a personal prefrence.


Thanks for your replies and suggestions.

I thought about posting this on WIP section, but then though that GE would be more appropriate - guess I was wrong… if a mod would like to move this, then please do so

What I am trying right now is to have around 1500 tris limit per building, with most textures at 10241024 and some at 20482048, if the building is very large. I know this might be quite an overkill, considering that you advise for a 256*256, but what I am thinking now is that if performance gets really bad, I can always scale them down.

I also don’t want this to be a large-scale rts - I am aiming for something smaller scale and somewhat a mix between RTS and RPG (but I’m just dreaming here). Around 20-40 buildings MAX per player with 1 character in each building and a low number of soldiers.

…however, I know pretty much nothing to do with coding, animation,character design and my modelling is quite poor and VERY VERY slow, so I’m using this project as a an opportunity to learn things that I would not otherwise.

Thanks also for the baking AO advice - didn’t think of that myself - just tried it out and the results are very impressive, although there are quite a few artefacts.

…I also wish I knew how to make an RTS :slight_smile:

if you need any help with programming I can give you some tips and help you out. But I don’t have enough time to be “involved” with you. But feel free to contact me if you need some help.

Those models look great!

The only one I would complain about is the “Lumberjack’s Hut”. It looks a little to much like you just duplicated a log model a bunch. I would recommend making the hut have brick walls like the castle, but more worn down. Something like Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter movies.

Hey, thanks a lot for the offer Killer!

…and Dawisch - it used to look good before, but now that I look at it again, I see what you mean…

…haven’t had any time at all to work on this lately - have to do so much work for uni and also work, but I’ve been thinking lately whether I should switch to Unity instead of UDK, since the Unrealscript book release has been pushed back another 5 months, which is disgraceful, because I can’t get much done, unless I have a good basic foundation, since for now I can’t understand Unrealscripting at all.

Unity3D on the other hand allows coding in C# which is a lot like java and c++, and I got some basic functionality working in a matter of a few hours when I’ve played around with that. So yeh, not really sure what’s going to happen, just waiting for the start of the holiday to get back into this project.

If all the GSOCs get into the BGE it will be all that better, still not up with those though.

Looks pretty awesome so far! Woah I really like them a lot!!


Those engines look pretty sweet I have to say!

Hi everybody!!

It’s been so very long since I have updated anybody on these forums about my current progress :confused: - that was mainly due to me being incredibly busy working and squeezing in some personal time. I have, however, continued working (very slowly) on this project.

Here are the highlights of the project since the last update:

> Switched over to Unity3D game engine, due to being familiar with C# and Unreal 3 lacking support of Unreal Script - that has taken quite a long time.

> Attempting to produce some audio-visual material for the game (more like learning how to draw and picking up playing guitar, again)

> Coding. Currently the game isn’t much at all, however I can now build/destroy buildings in-game, have some sort of )very rough) menu system. I’m also working on a few areas right now in particular - dynamic day/night cycle with real-time skybox, sunlight, etc changes and regrowing trees.

That is all so far people (I know it’s not much :/).

I’ll hopefully post some sort of very rough, very basic working game prototype later this year/start of next (depending on whether I’ll have to keep working 2 jobs or not :/)

And here’s just a quick in-game screenshot :slight_smile:

Great assets,but you need roads to every building and shadows.
Can you post a screenshot in izometric top view, like StarCraft map view?
Good work!

The game looks great so far! :wink:

I suggest you take a look at the graphics of anno 1404, a game with RTS elements in it and about the same graphic style, it might give you inspiration :slight_smile:

Also, there’s grass in the building on the right. :wink:

I look forward to seeing more of this :slight_smile:

i cant wait to see more, the progress may be slow, but the results are worth it i think we can agree!

Thanks everybody!

Unity3d Free version lacks a lot of features of the full game engine - reflections and shadows are the top few which are not included in the free version sadly…

Thanks for the ANNO link - so far, the few games that I’m looking at are stronghold, anno, black and white & of course warcraft :smiley:

I’ll post more screenshots, when they are worth posting :stuck_out_tongue: - nothing much more to show so far

Oh, and the grass… is a pain! lol I’m hoping to have it disappear around buildings in realtime in the future :slight_smile: