medieval RTS!

tired of those RTS games where the population limit is 120 and the map size is no more than half KM²?
well then this is the right game for you!
this game will (hopefully)support unbelievable ammount of units aswell as extremely big maps!
it will (maybe?) also include multiplayer support!
this game was started a short time ago and i didnt worked much on it, but here is the stuff i have done so far!

stuff done:
-(very) basic unit interface
-random tree map generator

things im doing now:
-bug hunting
-advanced unit setup(shift clicking, squads with numbers, etc)
-make units atack enemy units
-procedural maps

incoming features!

and last of all:

i know you all LOVE images so i have some here :smiley:

a game screenshot! :smiley:

testing the tree map generator on a 512x512tiles map(thats about 1024 metres)
see the lag during the creation of the map:

and it comes back to 60fps when the map is fully generated:

please comment what you think and post your ideas for the game!(tittle suggestions are welcome aswell!)

ohhh and all the credit for the sprites of the buildings and soldiers goes to ironhide game studio!
visit them here and play their awesome games!

sounds awsome, im a big fan of empire earth, ive played that since I was like 5 or 6 so im excited for this.

ooh yeah i played age of empires 2 and empire earth while i was younger too! :smiley:

update 1!
i designed and started making the HUD!
check it out!

and yes i know its way too big, i will make it smaller soon :smiley:
the minimap doesnt work yet
oh and i also reduced the chance of a tree being generated in a tile, from 10/100 to 7/100 as you can probably notice in the image, i did this so there`s more space to build and the game lags less!

You might not want to use assets/textures from Kingdom Rush.

they are placeholders, when/if i learn to make sprites i will change them
oh and the only thing im using right now are the sprites from the soldiers and the building, everything else is made by me

well not exactly an update, but i wanted to show you THIS THING O_O

during this time i was trying to make the unit setup less buggy and laggy(speacially less laggy), and im still working on that, and i will translate THAT THING in the image to a single python code, if my guesses are right that should be faster and less messy, meanwhile i will keep working on the HUD and other stuff!
i fixed some bugs in the units, and they are almost clean! now i need them to run faster without making a HUGE lag

please tell me what you think! :smiley:

Wow, Eagles Eye :smiley:

its not eagle eye, i wrote this in the first post above xD

amazing, you have done already many thing pretty hard .

be aware to the AI of the soldiers , this must be very fast! ( for that you see game of half KM² )

i know, im having big problems with logic and stuff that makes the game really laggy, and im trying to fix that right now! :smiley:

i see (in the other TD)
check ever the consolle ( help-> consolle system ) if you not already.

in some case(pretty rare) the game can continue to work correctly also with error(when the error is at end of script) , but cause ever a extra work :wink:

there`s no errors on console, everything seems to be working right!(and its actually working right)

update 2!
soldiers now have lifebar ,and a dying animation, little bug fixes, and increased framerate!
now i will work into the next things:
-formations for soldiers(this means that they will not all walk to a same spot and overlay to eachother)
-maybe HUD improvement?

anyway, check it out!

not an update, just wanted to test this that SolarLune shared with me :smiley:

update 3!
soldiers now take time to build, and now their paths dont get mixed, anyway this last thing is very buggy
this project will be on hold for a time cause my keyboard is broken and i need a new one!
(im writing from the screen keyboard from windows)
anyway here is a screenshot of the new stuff in this update

just messing arround with textures :smiley:

well, i found a keyboard in my garage, it has like 10 years, and is a pain to write on it, but at least i can use hotkeys again, i made some progress on the groups sistem, some minor HUD improvements, and random bug fixing. more info to come on friday-weekend, because now im busy doing stuff for school.

lucki out

so, i promesed an update, but… school is getting harder and harder, all teachers want us to do 1000 (not literal lol) exams per week, this means there will be no update, and progress will be paused unless classes finish (at about half-end november)

see ya

update 4!
i know i said there will be no more updates for a time, but i coulnt resist lol, i got some time and made a "simple" group sistem, now if you press ctrl+[number 1-0] you will assign units to that group, and pressing that number again will select that group of units. Its working fine, but i dont like it, its hard to understand, messy, and way too laggy, it will definitely be changed for a code(now its made of logic bricks!) when i have time
oh and my parents bought me a new keyboard, that means i will be coding so soon as i have time :smiley:

sorry no image today D: