Medieval scene

There’s not a particular reason why I started to make this.I just got the idea from my history book.So this is the first render.I will start adding details to the buildings .

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Just a litle update.

It’s beginning to look good, even without all the textures and details.

Are you aiming for a really detailed, crowded yet realistic, scene? Or a simple, “clean” scene? (if that makes any sense :S)

I’m aiming to as more realistic as posible scene… This is the render compared to the cover of my history book…

Looks good. Just as a side note: I don’t think this is Mediaval. More Roman I think with those stone steps and the cloths the people are wearing.

It is what it is. I’m not that good in history so it’s the same for me :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought it was a scene of ancient greece from the book cover… anyway thats not important, your scene is looking great so far, cant wait to see this come along :slight_smile:

I would say that’s a Roman city. Architecture and clothes recall to that period… nicely done though! Hope to be as good as you modelling buildings one day (:

Just another little update

Guys…I made this right now…It’s a bit different in some details from the last render couse i forgot to save the .blend file.So, soon there’ll be more renders!!

This render is edited a bit so you can see how the road is looking.Now I need your opinion,should I continue to do the road like this or I should make them more like the two in the down right corner…

looking good, well the 2 in the bottom right corner would be as uncomfortable as hell, I would stick to the lower stones, they look better aswell, ive been making textures with maps maps of stone, so far theres 3, but they are free and i have already setup all the nodes, its on my Turbosquid account if you wanna download any

This is definitely a roman scene. It might be cool if instead of the cracked earth between the stepping stones in the waterway, you could have water flowing through. I think it would add a more picturesque look to the scene. Your call.

Yes better flat stones as one where used to those plattforms as steps over the dirty street. You had to be carefully in the morning what was deployed from the windows above down the street and the rain was also drained on the surface. As trivia the carts wide where standardized by the romans by a horse which is now the base for much railroads and so is the wide about the platforms sometimes there was more than one platform for main streets so a little hint for scale.

I finished the road(I made the road with sculpting).I think that the scene is ready for texturing.If you think that there are still things to do before texturing say it.

P.S. Every person in the scene will be made alone in a new .blend file and then inserted in the scene.