Medieval soldiers, castles etc.

Hi, I would like to share this WIP-thread of creating a medieval reconstructed environment, a volunteer-project for a local castle in Denmark (virtually nothing exists left today), I aim for historical accuracy (first and foremost) or at least historical plausible environment. Next, I am going for animation, which is why artistic realism is not a priority due to render time.

The castle in question is Hald Castle in Central Jutland, to be more specific it is a mid-14th century motte-bailey castle, belonging to the feudal lord Niels Bugge, but a little more “developed” than the “traditional” motte-baily types.

I will release some assets here. These are my characters I made with MakeHuman, modified to suit the needs of a medieval character.

This is a peasant soldier:

This a little higher ranking soldier:

And this is Niels Bugge, the feudal lord:

I need some feedback on my medieval characters, and also a little help/tips for animating them.

I tried animating a fight scene, but it is very tiresome, because I found that I need to animate every single handle for my characters for it to not look static, but it still looks terribly static in my animation.

It is my first time animating humans. Any advice would be appreciated.