Medieval Town

I’ve started working on this medieval village thing, and thought I could go ahead and put up a WIP thread on it (primarily so i’ll have motivation to finish it :o)
Here’s a link to a wonderful little tool which can generate city map layouts procedurally:
The terrain texture you see in the images was generated by that program as a reference.
The first image is a simple top-down layout view, showing the positions of buildings in brown, trees in {dark}green, roads in white, and water in blue.
The second image is a golden sunset shot of some of the placeholder buildings.
This is all very early, but any ideas, suggestions, or criticism is 100% welcome :smiley:

>EDIT: added a zoned map, showing the different areas of the town. The building with a tower is a church, by the way. I don’t plan to rigidly abide by the layout generated by the program by any means, so you might as well ignore some of the round "buildings (brown circles)<


Your file is a .msi :confused: . I use linux .
But i thinking :
What is the output of this software?
Is a 3d .obj?
If you use this software for games , you need more features
else … :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a nice day!

I’m using Linux too, specifically Ubuntu 8.04, it works fine for me using Wine…:yes:

Looking forward to using it for a few of my projects…

That’s a cool tool thx for sharing. And good luck with your project.

mythcat: the output is a simple .bmp of the map generated, useful mainly for concept generation and reference, i guess.
Thanks for the encouragement, hasmat :slight_smile:

I had a few stuffs maybe could help you look at !

Maybe we could develop a phyton script that recognize this draw and convert them in to a blender file with objects. For example the Triangle means tree, rectangue with number 1 mean simple house ?! Something like that Understand ? Or if we could find some one with time, develop a map maker using de blender GE.

That sound really good lokidg.

that does sound like a good idea, to use python… one can actually save a non image file of their map, in .sge format, so if a python scripter could translate the information present in that file into scene objects then we may have something here :slight_smile:

Even if it just used cubes and such then we could switch the cubes with ready made objects would work for me. ie. if I had a mesh named hut, the script would have an option to place the object of my choosing there instead of the cube. But I think that’s what you meant anyway.

I wish I had gotten past the first few python tutorials so I could at least make a start on something like that.

or maybe the script could choose specific objects based on the size of the building square/circle…
one problem may be height. The maps have no representation of terrain or building height.
Maybe parameters like variation, minimum and maximum building height could be implemented

Yeah, could be done with variation of colour in the image maybe? like a heightmap?

I think better with images ! Look at !

We need made simple icons to make a easy recognition ! Like Augmented Reality !
Here the sample idea !

Would it be able to have objects rotated along, say, the x or y-axis or would that be done manually?


like have something like that for a barrel on its side? sorry for the ASCII art.

these are all really good ideas, but the program i’m using doesn’t have these features (different icons for various objects), and the source code is not available (to my knowledge). I suppose a proficient programmer could create a clone program with more flexibility and easier blender integration… hmm.