Medieval Warrior

Hi guys
i’m working on a Medieval Warrior and this so far i got.

i want critique about face and body anatomy



Its spelled medieval, for next time you seek criticism.
The anatomy looks really good, though, as does the face. While it doesn’t look perfect, I’m not confident enough in my personal knowledge to offer critique. It certainly looks within the limits of human proportions, though.
I don’t think normal hair (both the fur coat and the head) is quite that lumpy, but if you add some lower-level details, it would look great.
On an unrelated note, the material looks like moist clay. Consider posting it on the cycles materials thread, if you haven’t already.

thanks for correction.
i did some progress on this model and need to add some small elements and make them look like old. i know hair looks terrible because i uploaded png with alpha channels.
i want make this model for realtime. so any advice for hair and polycount. rightnow it have around 30k vertex without modifiers.
also her dress need some love.