Medievil fan short- The One Eyed Knight- Recruitment

  • Welcome to the thread! This thread is for discussing one of the most ambitious fan projects in the history of “Medievil

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  • The “One Eyed Knight” is a 3D fan movie set in the “Medievil” universe in development by the “Merzas/Eredean Studios”.

  • The Movie will be divided into episodes, and uploaded to “Youtube”

  • The story of the movie takes place after the ending of Medievil

  • Daniel and Kiya travel back in time using the time machine.

  • They get eaten by a monstrous Lord Palethorn. That’s all.

  • Gotcha! Daniel lost his consciousness for a while, because of being knocked out by the explosion of the time bomb.

  • He was not eaten, it was just a dream!

  • But seriously. The movie will be set in 2086 when the universe is about to start World War III, using brand new weapon, zombies!

  • Dan’s work is to stop this from happening.

  • That’s all I’m telling you.

Technical Information

The Episodes will be released one after another and that will not be very soon!

The overall progress is about 1%

The Footage.

Dan’s Model.

Contact me

Source Shift’s Steam :; skype: vahinator ; email: [email protected]

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