Meditative project

Hello all,

I’m please to share my “Happy Or What” fancy and meditative project around Blender Game engine.
It was my way to start to explore the promising GLSL capabilities and to play with rigid body new facility.
For more detail be curious, please have a look into the .blend ( 2.49)

HappyOrWhat_03.blend (2.53)

or standalone version



Hello Keleido,

What a great job !
Blender + Rigid Body + Logic Brick + Python + GLSL.
You give us a big example of what Blender can do with ‘little’ work.

I am waiting :eek: for your futures releases … :eyebrowlift:

A Fan.

Dr Click.



Neat. I like the ambient sound music thing :smiley:

Salut Keleido, thanks for sharing this. Kinda surrealistic tech-art. Innovative idea and interesting shader, especially the fog part. Dismantling it now completly:):cool: I will follow your publications.

–someone got the fog working in glsl… woot cool ocean here we come! Nice demo… so is the fog pixel shaded then?.. how did you get the textures fading? Thanks for the cool file… edit-- okay so you used a selfmade timer to change the alpha of each texture… but how did you get it to step through… tex1 then tex 2 then tex 3? i noticed you got python to count up and down for your “vari” variable… hmm not sure how you did that either…

Hello all
I’m very please you appreciate my “Happy or What”,
About fog I had just post an other example to consolidate your understanding there:
About picture mixing, it seems there is an OpenGL limit I don’t success to put more than 3 pictures without having a nasty refresh.
My hope is that some other BlenderArtist made up new pretty picture with “Friend edge”.
For this check Pat_HappyOrWhat sene, the drawing is made up with a mesh which have many occurrences around it.
While editing the mesh the other occurrences kindly follow,
…sir M. C. Escher don’t have tool like this when he create his beautifully pattern.
May be the game is there?

hi the fog worked on the lighthouses and the light beams but not the ocean shader… well not properly on the ocean shader… could you post some screens so I can see what it’s supposed to look like?

Wow, love this. Thank you so much for posting it.


link broken
i want a try

Hello Wirefall,
Sorry for this, it’s fixed.
Thank you to let me know

Hello all,

The 2.53b release seams to me enough stable now, It’s time to migrate our old stuff !

The portage of this project as it is to 2.53b is done and attached in the first post updated.
HappyOrWhat_03.blend (2.53)

I took some basic notes on what to do to move to python 2.53b new API :

This may help you to start you own portage

… it should be not a big deal.:eyebrowlift2:

I needed a stop.
Very easy e.g.: second cube
add sensor keyboard space,
add controller and
add actuator quit this game
Connect these three parts …

I saw not how to stop the animation on ‘your’ way or where the ‘end’ is (was) triggered :wink:

Hi Keleido,
I remember this thread :slight_smile:

I think at that time, there was just one forum.
It would better fit into …
Finished Games?

Where would you like to see it, before it is on page 2,3,4,5,6… and out of sight? I can move the thread.

Hello PKHG,

“ESC” will stop smoothly the sound and the light
And “Q” stop immediately the game
Selecting “Lamp_cam” and “Lamp_amb” objects and open the logic brick panel will show you how it’s plugged.

Hello Monster,

yes please, you can move this thread to Finished Games,
this may motivie my self to do some adding one day

Oh, I did not look at the game-options of the lamps … Thanks!