Medium Poly Car

I’m trying not to make this too high poly because I’d rather add detail with texture. Unfortunately, I’m just too lazy to think how to make it super low poly… or even make a clean mesh with good loops (see that nasty bit where the headlight is? lol) :smiley:
The wheels will be next I think, unless someone gives me a friendly crit or two :slight_smile:

Car is an AE86 Trueno, anyone that watches anime should be familiar with it

Looks good man!

Looks good to me. Best places to save poly’s is inside the wheel wells and the bottom, but you don’t really have to worry about that kind of crap till later. Lets see some wheels.

Also, you’re dead right about anime fans knowing this car. I think it’s some sort of unwritten law that at least one character in every anime must drive one of these cars. In the late 80’s or early 90’s they were just about the only type of vehicle IN anime. Besides tanks and giant robots, that is.

After going “I really don’t want to do this now” for a while I went ahead and made the wheels, lol. The wheels take up a lot (the 4 wheels including tires is like 2.7x the rest of the car haha) overall this thing has ~2250 faces but it can definitely be reduced by fixing up things like the bottom, etc as you suggested.

Removed >100 polys in the body alone without really changing the silhouette. I’m going to see what else I can do later and then post pics.

EDIT: As a whole this is now an even 2000 faces