Medium sized office bldg.

(ookami77) #1

This is an office building that I’m working on for my Riot Tank animation (see previous posts) and I need some suggestions on what else I should do with it. I’ve also modeled an apartment building and a small shop but I haven’t textured them yet so I don’t want to post them. Comments are much appreciated. Thanks!

(S68) #2

Good mode. good grey materials… red and yellow are a bit…herm… strong?


(Ecks) #3

Nice! one thing…if you compare the size of the door to the heigh of each floor…the floor seem to small for the person that eill enter it…so just make them higher…I hope you understand! :slight_smile:

(ookami77) #4

Thanks for the replies… I made the main door really large because I’ve noticed that some buildings really have large entrance doors. If you notice, the area where a normal sized person would push/pull on the main door is really low (below midway) because the doors are really tall, but a person entering would not be nearly as tall. The door to the side is closer to normal height, but still oversized a bit.

(Ecks) #5

ahh yea…sorry didn’t saw the other door…lol
But I think the red/yellow are…well…too much!
Try to find a good shiny metal texture for the yellow thing…I dont know for the red…except that, NICE WORK!