mediumpoly game-character

Something I’ve been working on recently and just started to texture, it’s just a piece for my portfolio, so it wont be in any game.

:frowning: I can’t see the pics

its good, but how many polys does it have?

around 3700 triangles

Good to see you back here Eldron. Been a while.

Looking very good. I know the face texture is shown in open GL mode, but it looks a little saturated/washed out?

Keep up the great work.


I always come back once in awhile thinking that I’ll be a complete stranger to all blenderheads ;)…

Colors is one thing I’m struggling with still, so you might very well be right… I’m trying to get all that right…

Now this is a rare treat. :slight_smile: There are hardly any low-poly game models in these forums, let alone great-quality ones like this! :smiley:

It does seem like there are a few too many polys on the legs, though… (It doesn’t seem like that many would be necessary.)

In any case, keep going! I really want to see how this turns out. :smiley:

Hello Eldron.

Do you have time to spare for a low poly character? I need a quite low poly zombie with a nightcap, and a guard with a shield and armor.

This model looks great, and if you can do low poly i could definetely use the help.

check out my gameblender thread here

If you can do textures i’d like help in that area as well.

If not, great model, keep it up!

baboon, sorry, I’m already quite much taken by my irl work, and some other hobby projects… :slight_smile: