Medtech Product Animation Renders

My name is Grant, I work for a medtech tech company. I am looking to higher an animation artist with experience in product renders. Please send me your portfolio and rate to [email protected]. You will need to sign an NDA to work on the project - I can further explain the parameters afterwards.



I can help. Email sent. Please connect via:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: live:jennifer_17207

Jennifer J

It would probably be good to state where you are based and if the people you are looking for need to work on site or remote.

Also, is the email contact correct? leads nowhere.

sorry, [email protected]

What type of products are they? engineering technology / household / automobile …???
can U slightly brief,


Indeed. And the location.

I m in UAE at the moment. I work with MNCs and ofcourse very well with NDA. I am sending email with my clients name for reference and also some example renderings. you can explain in email… just a note I sent email but accidentally skipped client names. Once you revert I will share their names… they are Giant world leaders in their field. All I want to mention is I strictly work under NDA & sample I sent are only ones allowed to. Thats sometimes bottle neck for me.

Heh, sorry I didn’t mean you. I meant to ask OP in which country is the job based? It is not useful to apply only to find out later that you’d have to relocate to Vancouver or Novosibirsk.

Haha ! Even I was wondering what you meant but thought may be you are specific… lol
Anyways no worries.
Have you seen my email and sample images? any words on it?