Medusa for BG Steampunk Comp.

Hi All

My entry for the Blender Guru comp after all my electrical problems. :smiley:

She is not steampunk in the true sense of the theme, but hell she has metal and smoke.

Thanks to all that helped in the WIP thread especially minoribus who is tireless when it comes to all my questions and theoldghost who gave me the link to the most awesome HDR ever, thanks my blender buddy.


Nicely done Speed, glad you were able to work out the rendering problems. Best of luck in the competition.

I’m glad you made it! Congratulations to this fine finished render. The full resolution turned out wonderful. Good luck in the competition.

Looks great! Well done for finishing despite Eskom :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing Shaun. You tweaked the alpha snake and the smoke is back. Your first effort was no slouch with that great skin tone but this… this is much more interesting IMHO. Well done and best of luck.

I like see “new” faces :).

Hi All

Thanks for looking in and your kind words, really appreciate it.


great work! maybe not steampunk, but i really like it. you pulled this complicated composition, where all the glossy competes, really nicely off and managed to have her eyes still focal point. not an easy task! the skinshader is really nice here too. i wish you good luck!

Hey doris

Thanks so much for looking in really appreciate your comments.


Hey, I can’t view the finalist yet but I’ve looked at all the entries. And, none has anymore impact then your entry. But, Doris touched on it. If only you could have ‘Steampunked’ it up a little but keep this version for your portfolio.

I can see this going across the crease in a magazine and a reader coming back for a second look. And, yeah I know magazine… old school to the max maybe but… This is a striking piece of work IMHO. And, the old gal friend agreed and she is not one for art. Much like most of the people advertisers are trying to reach I might add. What I have called the average viewer several times on this forum.

And, a average viewer who has been exposed to everything by the way. My granddaughter had seen ‘Avatar’ and I was still sending her little animations created on a Intel Duo machine. LOL! The young lady was suffering from visual overload and here my little efforts were still showing up. Shuan, as you are well aware that viewer cares not one wit about art. And, really doesn’t know why something catches their attention. Once again a striking piece which you really pulled together in the last couple of days before submitting it.

Hi Ghost

Thank you so very much, really means a lot to me coming from a man like you.


BG Results: I bet they viewed your piece multiple times as if drawn back. If only there had been a little glass. A little more Steampunk I guess I’m trying to say. Regardless it’s my desktop background now.

Hi All

Thanks Ghost, desktop? that is really and Honor for me.

Ghost in the end I ran out of time with this, no…I am talking crap. When I saw how it was coming together I made a conscious choice not to clutter it up with goggles and glass, knowing full well at the time that I was shooting myself in the foot.

I did start doing some stuff on yours as well as minoribus and orinocos’ advice, even changed the clothes to a bit of lace, but decided that I would rather have her looking like a Bitch.

It turned out better than I thought it would and am happy with the result, final or no final. :smiley: It was great taking part in the comp.

My 1 2 and 3 in no particular order are.

PS: Ghost how do you like the new username?


…and to continue because I could only upload three pics.

Why the hell was this overlooked, probably not steampunk enough?


EDIT: Sorry got called away in a hurry, to continue.



or this?

i suppose that is the nature of competition and judges, another panel and different results?

New username is A-OK. And, hey, I’m looking forward to more work. Like you I’m a little confused.