hi there… look who is getting ready for a party… seems like straightening is difficult for someone… :stuck_out_tongue:

original concept is by “bill presing” :

i wanted it look exactly what Bill made , so i didn’t detail it much… :yes:


Great work! Looks very funny. And of curse exactly like the painted version. Nice shading!

Hey! Good idea!!

I love it, all is perfect. Congrats.

You really captured the fun and acting of the concept! Love it.

I love those snakes :smiley: Great job!

Great character…Well Done…

Amazing in my opinion, a really funny image.

Very well done !

Great idea! And funny and very well transformed into 3D art!
And if I didn’t mention already: Funny :smiley:

Nice concept and render.

You did a fine job. I loved it all. Thanks for sharing.

Very Nice :yes:

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…she is nice

great render but what’s happened with the persp “bizard” on the table ?

3 Thumbs up for me!! Excellent work.

Y’know, this is a great shot and all of that, but like so many shots of this kind, if the poor gal were actually “proportioned” in that way, she would fall face-forward from the sheer weight of her “endowments,” and probably bounce off the table. Contrary to popular opinion, there is “too much of a good thing.” (Or, is there? :wink: )

Very cool Nita. Love the style which you did a great job staying true to the concept. I will note that it is amazing how much of a difference in appearance the texturing made. Specifically around the face and eyes. From the clay render it looks quite distorted but with some color its perfect:) Congrats on the top row!

lovely work,i was staring at those snakes for minutes when i saw that,awesome awesome awesome 3>

Yeah! She’s a stone cold… Wait, that didn’t come out right…