Meet Blender's 3rd Tree Generator: Grove 3D!

Looks like Andrew Price got his wish,

Buy here
109$ excl tax

Which wish would that be?

In a podcast when asked what addon he would want implemented the most,
he said that the wanted to remake the saplink add on

Cool, I must’ve missed that one. Obviously, given the missed reference.

that looks like a lot of fun !!

the quality of the trees looks really good! can they be animated with wind simulation?

it looks nice, but the price is some high. And not to offend, all XFrog ( products is 50% off untill Oct 31st, hence only $189.50 is needed to get FULL XFROG standalone Version 3.5 (

Wow, it looks fantastic. If you do arch viz, 109$ is nothing compared to the time savings and the quality boost compared to other tree generators. It’s like… nothing.

It’s not 109. Twigs are not included. So you need more than 200€ for some trees. Really good looking trees, sure, but also really expensive and you have to generate them first. And compared to other vendors, it’s much higher per plant(Vizpark, Evermotion, Xfrog). Strange for a program that focus on a not so rich community.

Or perfectly reasonable for a program that strives to attract the professional CG community. A matter of perspective. Do I have the money to buy this? No. Would I like to? Sure. But I do understand a plugin like this is likely many hundreds of hours of work to perfect, and it would be nice to get paid for your hard work. Doesn´t make you a bad person…

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I would really not try to knock it for the fact that it has a pricetag (it is because of commercialization that the developer has the motivation to do something like this).

However, the price tag for the complete version is far above almost every addon being sold at places like the Blender Market (makes Johnathon W’s retopo addon look like a tool for cheapskates in comparison). If this is a needed price though, it would be a better direction to advertise it to studios, not the general community (since many Blender users aren’t willing to spend that much to begin with).

I wasn’t criticizing the fact he has a price tag (I regularly buy/donate here and on the market) and I understand he may want to focus on rich customers. My point was, those rich customers already have very high quality possibilities. The other offers on the market (of all 3D packages) are cheaper/tree and have more choice. It was just a suggestion for him and us to be happy. He may sell many of this with such a high price. If he doesn’t, he knows he can make more money by selling for less but to much more people.
I mean, look windows. They were the first to make an OS for under 100€ and still do. And it’s way more expansive to produce an OS than to code an addon for Blender. I know the audience is also smaller here, but you get my point: low pricetag can mean more money in the end.

I’ve already lost interest.

It looks like a good plugin, but it is difficult to now the quality. There a only 1 image to show the quality. 109 is a lot for a plugin, so it better be good. Show some more examples.

I have some problems, too. First of all, the price is very high compared to existing and proven solutions, also compared to the included library. As an example I have multiple tree addons from cheap ones to priceer ones, but I saw in every cases what I pay for and was able to get all the infos if it worth it or not before buying them (trials).
The price is not necessarily a problem; what you get for your money matters.

Bumping this thread, because people moaning about the price may now be able to enjoy a sizable update to the old Sapling addon (recently submitted to for bundling with Blender).

A number of usability and realism enhancements here for starters, should be good enough. Credit by the way goes to someone simply named Aaron (or Abypy).

Thanks Ace, gave this a test and not bad at all…

Thanks Ace Dragon for the info, and thanks “abpy” to get back to life this project.

Having problem getting Blender to install it, think it gets confused with bundled Sapling?

@BrilliantApe: unpack the add_curve_sapling_3 folder, pack only this folder, install in blender and disable original sapling.