Meet Blender's 3rd Tree Generator: Grove 3D!

Hey All, anyone ever managed to get the lodify working with the Grove Trees?

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Can any buyer tell me how the license works?
Is it locked to a computer or can I buy one and use it on multiple machines for farm rendering ? (I dont like to export and import model/textures/animation…).
Thanks in advance.

Its simply a blender addon and no license or node locked etc

Not sure what happend to the dev tho. He isnt responding on email or here it seems

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deleted due to incorrect info

edit: seems I was wrong, it’s Wybren van Keulen just to keep the record straight here… :wink:
Some of his last posts on the dev forum are from oct. 2019, not sure what’s going on.

No, it’s a different guy.

But anyway, I have same experience. I paid for the addon and don’t use it as it’s lacking in many areas and has increasingly overcomplicated UI.

There isn’t any way to convert the particle system based tree into a mesh you could export into a game engine, despite the webpage says the addon is suitable for producing game engine models. I contacted the addon creator about it a few years ago, and he said he will eventually add an option to turn the grove tree into a mesh, but several years and releases later, it’s still not there. So whatever grove generates either has to stay in Blender, or you have to do clunky, long manual process of converting it to a mesh yourself.

So I’d definitely suggest not buying it. It’s just not on par with the price tag.

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Hey guys, not sure if this a good place to ask, but since there doesn’t seem to be a good way to contact Wybren this is probably the next best thing.

I’m the developer of the Alpha Trees plugin, which creates 2D tree billboards from 3D models.
I want to expand the default library that comes with the addon, and using The Grove seems like a good way to do it.
However, I don’t know whether selling renders of the trees is allowed by the “license”. On the surface it seems fine, but there is this line on the checkout page:

and I’m not sure if that would apply to my addon…

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

I bought the addon year ago, a strange solution is to prohibit it for commercial use of trees from the developer.

Twigs seem to have not been updated for a long time, although grove 10 has recently been released.

My personal, I Am Not A Lawyer But I Read A Book Once take on it is that the latter half of that clause would prevent you from distributing Grove derived tree images alongside your plugin.

I could be wrong, but if it were me, I wouldn’t use it until I get a direct answer from the Grove people.

Hmm, thanks for the answer, that’s kinda what I assumed. The main problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any good way to contact the developer @wavk . I’ve already sent him a couple of e-mails, and messaging on most of the accounts is disabled. I understand that he must get a lot of requests about the same topic, but not having any good method of contact is quite frustrating.

From what I’ve read previously, and the one semi-conversation I had with the devs that one time, it seems that they have no problem with people using the addon as part of own renders and animations, but anything that involves selling or distributing the raw output from it, things people could otherwise buy a copy of The Grove for themselves to make, is greatly frowned upon.

I’d still send out an email and hope for a response, because, hey, you never know. But I’d start looking for alternatives in the meanwhile.

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Thanks, that’s good to hear someone else’s view on it. I’ve sent three emails over the past couple months, but it doesn’t seem like they really get through…

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Received email. There is a new version out.

Hey there! I’m a game artist and I’d be interested to know if the latest release of The Grove addon (version 10) has added any improvements in the optimization/game/real-time side of things?

Is there anyone using this for these situations?
If so, what’s your workflow with it? Does it offer any tools for the trees to be used as game assets in vegetation systems? (any vertex painting tools/automation, optimization tools, exporting options?)

Is it worth it, or should I just keep renting SpeedTree? Any suggestions are welcome!

Is it still active and 3.0 compatible?
There’s no date on the release page of the grove3d website which I find quite unusual for an add-on.

Yep, works no problem

But I must say that the author is very busy and not really responding to questions

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I own Grove and wait for gameready features/optimizations too, but one thing i tell is that this developer knows how to code addon light and highly efficient way and generates and simulates trees so fine. There are no other addon like this for Blender, easy to use, light, precise math.


Does it have a feature for reacting to seasons when rendering a growing timelapse (losing leaves, growing flowers) ?

Awaiting a updated Grove for Blender 3.2 :sweat_smile:

Testing a Aspen tree generated in the Grove3d, the tree is 11.3 million triangles, the framerate is great for the amount of trees in the scene. ignore the meh shading and lighting, I was mostly concern if UE5 could handle a high polygon tree from the Grove - it seems to do fine.

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Still waiting for a Western Red Cedar or Redwood sapling.