Meet Ernest, the loyal servant (WARNING: large render)

Hello BlenderHeads,

I am busy making a short film called Origin Unknown.
The main character is called Ernest. He is the loyal servant of a dark master. However his loyalty to his master seems to shrink.

Except for the text in the lower-left corner everything was done with Blender.

More information about Origin Unknown can be found at

- AniCator

very good mate.

think theres a slight amount too much blur, and the scene needs more colou imho, but apart from that awesome :slight_smile:

love the mystical writing thats spilt from the light.


The style is neat, I don’t know why this has 2 stars other then the fact some are biased against this type of style.

i voted 4… :smiley:
think on a smaller size (800x600?) this would look really nice :smiley:


Nice but some details are hard to make out due to the darkness of it all.

Ernest’s master should buy him a nice little desk lamp or sumptin. A candel, at least.

wtf 2 stars…?
lol, not bad, but not 2 stars.

Thanks for your comments,

When I started adding nodes I used a ‘RGB Curves’ node to change the feel of the scene. And to hide the noise caused by the AO, I set the amount of samples to 1. I wanted to test a bit. There actually isn’t much blur at all. The RGB Curves added some more darkness, that darkness appeared like it was blurred with the lighted areas.

Maybe the one who rated it 2 stars thought: ‘A newbie can model that too!’. Ernest is a simple model, based on a drawing I made.
Ernest isn’t finished yet, I still need to work on his eyelids, arms and feet. But he’s close to the final result. I want him to look a bit scared. The short will be a bit scary too. DARK MASTER.:cool:

Thanks for the vote, it motivates me.
Here’s a smaller version. It’s resized, so not high-quality. Not 800x600 either. It actually is a large thumbnail.:mad:

You’ll see him…in the FUTURE.:wink:

You’re totally right. The only problem is that the first set isn’t finished yet.

I wonder who made that vote. Why didn’t he reply? Or is the criminal in this thread right now!?..:confused:

- AniCator

yeah looking nice on the thumbnail :slight_smile:

think if you made the anim’ this size it would look quite crisp, like a pancake… :smiley:
keep it up :smiley:

wooooo :smiley:

i like it. the point of the lighting isnt to show the whole thing people. its to add effect, which he did pretty nicely in my oppinion. they didnt have many lights back then so it sets the mood. plus it seems like a mystical mysteriouse kinda movie XD. looks great cant wait to see the animation. 4*

5*****, rating on this thread is too low, nuff said… :cool:

I deceided to be so stupid to upload a render of the first set that is still work-in-progress. Only a few models have been modelled, texturing took a lot of time.
Ray-Tracing wasn’t activated.
Click for full size.

This render isn’t posted on the blog, because the set isn’t finished yet.

- AniCator

what are those colorful lines over him (especially the red one over his eye?)

otherwise i really like it

It’s an additive overlay. To add some variation. It will most likely not be visible in the final result. It’s actually the background image, only added as an additive overlay in the compositor.