Meet Gary

New to Blender. Just got on the forums here to try to stuff more info into my head. Trying to learn a zillion things at once.

(Hi all, BTW! :slight_smile: )

Here’s my project:

I have been doing a webcomic for a while now. I’ve been trying to draw the main characters with a flat, shadeless, silhouette look. The problem is the difficulty in maintaining their dimensions and proportions while viewing them from all angles. I’ve always envisioned creating them in some 3D program and then “tooning” them onto the scene. Discovering Blender is a stroke of great luck! :smiley:

So I’m trying to build all my characters now. I started with Gary because he’s the easiest. Spiro (the blue guy) is also being worked on, but I’m having a dastardly time trying to design a proper animatable mouth. :frowning:

I try to learn as much as I can on my own, but I run into things I just can’t figure out. I’m hoping that if I ask questions here, someone will be willing to help with answers. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’m going for:

  • 3D posable characters.
  • Render them completely flat, and without shadows.
  • Learn animation and get my movie project going. It is intended to have my style to it: Using a 3D program to render flat images.
    Yes, I know it may sound nuts, but it’s a deliberate style I’ve been working on for quite some time, and I always do the comic like I have a camera in my hand. I always shoot the characters from different angles. The characters aquire their shapes in peoples minds based on viewing them from different angles, not detail and shadows.

So here’s my first problem: How the heck am I going to put a shirt and shorts an Gary? What would be the recommended method to even approach it? :o

Critiques, comments, pointers, links to more information sources, and jars of pickled beets are all very much appreciated.
I guess this better shows what I’m shooting for. I’m still trying to get a handle on the materials. Just read about using autosmooth on another thread.

Seems the toon edges look odd when the character is deeper into the background. I guess I’ll have to figure something out.

It doesn’t sound nuts at all, this is a style that many people like (including me).

You will need to ‘rig’ your characters with ‘armatures’, that will give you a skeleton for posing and later animating them. Model the shirt and shorts and also link them to the skeleton and if everything is ‘weighted’ properly (that means that the influence the bones have on the clothes is right) you should have a character ready for animation.

Looking forward to see your work!