Meet i & pi

Every time pi gets a pair of shoes, he have to trash them and this cause a rift between him and his darling i.

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Mathematics jokes FTW.
Nice idea, well executed.

Thanks ludemi84 for the like. I am not getting effective result with the hand mirror (as it looks like just a frame). I tried placing a emitter plane to reflect something from and even played with HDRI but satisfactory to the theme. Anyone’s having an idea or two?

looks great, even I if didn’t get the joke :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW for the mirror problem try to place a plane in front of it so it can look like it’s reflecting son light or something :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry this second comment is an error :o it was a duplicate

ehabcharek, this is actually a very common and popular mathematical humor. I just added a little story to it. If you look close at pi’s feet, you’ll get it all. :wink:

Oh yes, I was playing with a reflector plane (made the mirror two layered, added some IOR to get some realism) and this is what I got…
but, what I want is some reflection of character’s face. Seems, I’ve to hack it as the camera, mirror and character do not fall in the same line of reflection.

Ha, nice joke.

Made some slight adjustment with the hand mirror and the reflector and so the latest render have been updated with the original post.

Few screenshots:

Source blend file:

I’d have to show this to my math teacher!!!
I think he’ll laugh!!