Meet Jonald!

Hello everyone,

This is my latest character, Jonald. He’s quite generic looking at the moment, apart from the third eye which is his most recently added feature. Although I’m not going for uber-realism, I have tried to put in a suitable amount of detail here and there by hinting at bone structure. At the moment I’m not sure where I’m going to take him. He might end up being a constant work-in-progress, becoming more and more surreal as time goes by. To animate him is definitely my intent. By the way, he does have a penis; it’s just that I’ve put it on another layer that is currently switched off. Does anyone know what the rules are here regarding model’s genitalia? It’s not that I have a fixation or anything (i think…), I just thought if I was to tackle anatomy, I should take a holistic approach.

My main problem at the moment is weird mesh deformations when adjusting Jonald’s rig. I’ve always had a problem with the armpits of my characters when moving the arms about by the upper arm bone. The mesh goes all grotesque, and falls in on itself. Is this a weight painting issue? This was from following the BSOD Character Animation wiki. So any advice regarding this would be hugely appreciated. As would any feedback at all.

I’ve been blending for roughly 6 months and feel like I’m on the verge of a major breakthrough, like it’s all starting to fit into place and make sense. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so please be as harsh as you like.

All I want is to learn and improve.

Thanks, and here’s Jonald.