Meet my friend draguu

hi guys

hope you like this


wow… cute :o
will you make more episodes? please

Looks very nice! I agree, you need to make more clips with this character.


Very nice. Lots of potential to do good stuff with this.

Is this a teaser for a future film/series?
Cause if so it’s one I’d want to check out.
I think it’d be amusing to see him in a world where all the other dino/creatures are all ferocious monsters and prehistoric plants that try to eat him… yep there’s a lot of potential here.

ya but i will release as an online series so you can view episodes on my blog soon… but it will take some time …

thanx for watching guys

pikinu animation…


I want to have a pet like Draguu. His sooo cute, I’ll be looking forward to see his next episode.

Cute, ha ha.

Just about the only thing I would change is his initial walk cycle as he approaches. It looks like his legs are too bowed out and his feet don’t look like they are hitting the ground flat. There’s a little bit of floating I noticed, but the quality of the overall animation makes me forget that quickly :slight_smile:

yup ronni you are right …i dint animate the toe. cause of some rigging problem… and ya next time you guyswont gt any error… thats for sure… hehe …

thanks for watching

very nice how did u animate the tongue with armature shapekeys or softbody

hi scan , thankx and ya i animate it with bones … no shapekeys no softbody

please release .blend files :slight_smile:

hey its so cuteeeee… make more characters like this one and plzz release the movie… everyones gonna love it thats for sure…its damn cute and awesome… lookin forward for new episodes… :smiley:

ya thanx buddy

great work very cute

Very expressive and attaching little being!
Like everybody else here: wished i could see that little one some more! :slight_smile:

He definitely has a distinct character and personality! Well done appearance and overall action. Just dying to know one thing… was that a massive “silent-but-deadly” at the end there?

I join the others at the box office, awaiting tickets for future shows!

Waoooooo Kawaiiiiiiii

So cute :slight_smile:

I’ll try to make one as cute as yours if I have time
You’ve inspired me :slight_smile: